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Zanu PF aspiring MP in vulgar language storm on Facebook

By Lance Guma

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Hardly two days after we published a story about Zanu PF youth leaders, Mike Gava and his wife, Tendai Wenyika, angling to become one of the rare couples in parliament on Zanu PF tickets, Wenyika embarrassed herself on Facebook.

Tendai Wenyika Gava
Tendai Wenyika Gava

Gava is contesting in Mhondoro-Ngezi while his wife is contesting under the women’s quota in Harare province.

Wenyika however will want to forget Wednesday evening in a hurry after posting obscenities on social networking site Facebook that damaged her reputation as a suitable candidate for Parliament.

Initially Wenyika put up a fight against her friends who were hammering her for the language she used, but after sobering up and thinking about what she had written she came up with the line that her Facebook account had been hacked.

“I travelled on Sunday to Congo Brazaville on Sunday for a meeting only to get the shock of my life when a collegue (sic) calls me and asks to log onto FB, I have not had internet access for 4 days.

“I suppose by law, nature doesn’t allow for a vacuum and someone had decided to keep themselves busy using my account. Let me apologise to all my friends for the derogatory posts, comments and in boxes done in my name.

Nehanda Radio will also apologize in advance since we will reproduce Tendai Wenyika’s post on Facebook, so that you can also make up your own mind.

“In my few years of existence, in my studies, ku mababy shower kwatinoenda , ku ma girls school kwatakadzidza, years and years of engaging and seeing the female reproductive organ, im still yet to see a GOLDEN P..SY, BECHE RENDARAMA (apologies but have to be blunt).

“A miracle p..sy , which can work as a visa card, a calculator, a voters role (sic), an examiner, rinokwanusa kupasisa ma exams, ringochengeta munhu, asina kushanda. Eventually as a people we have to start accepting kuti our stereotypes no more hold water.

“These attitudes that are meant to undermine, trivialise and down play womans successes. It’s these attitudes, that keep woman on the bottom of the social ladder. A womans success cannot be accepted isina a man attached to it nekuti.

“Akarara na nhingi, ku promotwa pa basa, akapasiswa na nhingi, akanzwini akanzwini. The funny bit of it all is madzimai acho ari successful arent even beauty queens. I have seen so many woman get frustrated with these name callings and give up on many things.

But you have to develop ganda re Jen@@ and move on madzimai. I’m yet to meet a successful woman who has not had her fair share of mud smearing, kusvibiswa. I for one speaking from a personal testimony have been through hell and back, but you pick yourself up and move on.

“I have concluded no one fights a nobody. It’s not that these things don’t hurt but its the realisation that your purpose in life is much more bigger than this impediment. At whatever level ladies these challenges will be there but you decide, whether to succumb or fight on.

For me it’s FIGHT ON. It’s your call ladies.”

While it cannot be denied that Wenyika was tackling important social issues even she cannot deny that the language she used was not befitting a lady of her status.

Her excuse that her Facebook account was hacked is not accurate. We have irrefutable evidence that she only took down the post after the intervention of several people she respects.

Last year Wenyika hit the headlines after expelled African National Congress (ANC) youth league leader Julius Malema visited Zimbabwe to attend her wedding at the Chisipite Gardens, in Harare.

Wenyika, who is the deputy secretary general of the Pan African Youth Union (PYU), said “he (Malema) is a friend of mine and he accepted the invitation to attend my wedding.”

Below is how Tendai Wenyika responded to her friends

Tendai Wenyika Gava @ Jones I apologised in advance

33 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tongai Kasukuwere waitweiko iwe

33 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2

Tendai Wenyika Gava @ tongai taneta isu nembwa idzi madzimai. hapana success yemukadzi isinga underminwe nekuti inotouya ineka mhorondo kekusvibiswa

31 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Richad Tawanda Tarumbwa they say it`s cash talk

30 minutes ago · Like

Tendai Wenyika Gava @ Jones misguided pakai , asi kufira mumoyo segonzo, watotanganewewo.

29 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2

Kudzai Mudokwani Uuuuum vulga. U cnt change som thngs,nometa hw u try.

29 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Dish Dlomo VankykXaba as women we have toknow swim with de

29 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Ranganai Chiwara If i was my friend Tendai Wenyika Gava i wouldnt have written zvinhu zvino nyadzisira kudai.I would think about my husband first and friends when airing some of these words…Some of us a re too young to knw their meaning but from the point made by our friends above it highlight the highest degree of immorality and a strong breakaway from chivanhu.

27 minutes ago · Like

Mikael M Dayi IX fellow fighter allow me to share this.

27 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Kudzai Mudokwani Zvauri kutaura z jus the same nekuti isu ticharuza ve ZANU PF not on earth will tht hapen so u cnt change t we are sorry.

26 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tendai Wenyika Gava chamabata vulgar chete pane zvese zvandataura ibvayapo. please

26 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 4

Ennie Dumbson heyi sisi Tee kwenze njani????hope u ok

25 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Munyaradzi Takawira aah zvotyisa mashoko makukutu padare revakuwasha nana ambuya

25 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Munyaradzi Takawira ndanyara wangu

25 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Maseline Matura Thanx for rejuvenating my GIRL POWER!@Tendai its so unfair and it sucks

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25 minutes ago · Like · 1

Tendai Wenyika Gava asvotwa bucket orutsa , to hell nefake morality yenyu mese.@ jones, tongai ranganai ibvayi apo

21 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2

Kudzai Mudokwani Shuwa weduwe vulga uuuuuuuuum yaaaa

19 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Teddy Staera Wataura

19 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tendai Wenyika Gava @ Jones huMp hwodyiwa here , hutore ka iwe unohugona stereki, ndati to hell kudhara reporta kwawada iwe. uri Zec here iwewe plus uri ani nxaaaaah

18 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Richad Tawanda Tarumbwa you have my support that women need to take up challenges in fields traditionally reserved for men and i do get it that some have been successful by sheer mental and intellectual brilliance, yes and i know that most women who bear this kind of spirit have been let down by derogatory comments, yes, but my dear you are in the executive of a party that has a remarkable history and the use of the above language leaves a lot to be desired, delete the post

18 minutes ago · Like

Josiah Chivara Media cadre. Masiyana papi naBiti

17 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Katsande Africa Tendai Point made clearly…

17 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tendai Wenyika Gava @ Richad which party do you know ke belonging to yawakuda kuti party party zvemahara handidye politics ini.

16 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Munyaradzi Takawira thanx jones ,wat a gud advise to our good friend ,deep down she know kuti urikumudza zvakanaka

15 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Richad Tawanda Tarumbwa I know Tendai Wenyika Gava, you are one of the youth league leaders of Zanu PF, i`m sorry if i`ve offended you but you are an executive woman Tendai

14 minutes ago · Like

Teddy Staera Musaita kunga musingaziwi beche nejende kunga musina kuita sexual reproduction kuprimary maidi kuudza teacher kut vati chinhu chemusikana not kut vagina

14 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Munyaradzi Takawira hatirutsi hedu masister asi tongogadzirisana toterera, ka one

14 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tendai Wenyika Gava pamhata penyu imi.manzwa

14 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3

Sonny Homu cde vulgar no.

13 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Amon Kumbula nthn chinomboshamisa abwt valga,zvazara izvi.in western music they ol sing it nd tha most suprisin part is pamunonzwa dat kinda songz u jump zvisingaiti.Cz nw zvataurwa naTendai zvashamisa,nxaaaa

12 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Richad Tawanda Tarumbwa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Tendai Wenyika Gava, you are really angry

11 minutes ago · Like

Sino Mabuye Tindo u are still that strong woman zve shuwa….. Manje wataura apo you vijay jay can’t be your only hustle wena sometimes zvinoda brain…..

10 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Edith Kay iwe Richard u want her to say wat, this is an allegory mind u, hauna kuita chirungu here she wants to bring out the severity of her point chete chete

10 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Sylvester Khaki Praises Jesus sometimes vulgar should be said for the greater good,nice cash talk cde

7 minutes ago · Like

Richad Tawanda Tarumbwa apa Tendai Wenyika Gava apa wazondiuraya zvangu, you are really a tough woman, i will bet my last cent that you are the future president

5 minutes ago · Like

Jue Lee and its always the men who object when a woman speaks up in the only way men can sit up and take notice. let a spade be called a spade. if it was another man dai pakanyararwa!! nxa mhani! no!

5 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Thomas Stories #Mhata yapopota wena iyi!!!!!!!

4 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Peter Mtandwa Nekuti ashandisa rurimi rwaamai kuti vose vanzwisise,zvaipa.kana mumatare edzimhosva wani u actualy have to b spsifik.mboro i mboro n so on.if i say penis,ds it swnd beta 2 u.nxaa. pamberi na comred Tendai Wenyika

4 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Wonai Masvingise you have a point Tendai some r trying to dow play the point u r making here and that society is uncomfortable witb a successful woman. they r mo comfortable believing she rose with the help of men by offering her body. sad reality is even some women with potentialwont rise coz they also believe this. Way to go my sister

3 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Mkunda Wekwa Shamuyarira Tendai Wenyika Gava, they say its vulgar now but it’s the very same words they use to demean women.

about a minute ago via mobile · Like · 1

Richad Tawanda Tarumbwa nhasi wa performer Tendai

A few seconds ago · Like

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