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Zimbabwe’s next power couple?

Zanu PF youth leader, Mike Gava and his wife, Tendai, are angling to become Zimbabwe’s next power couple. They are both seeking seats in Parliament on Zanu PF tickets. Gava is contesting in Mhondoro-Ngezi while his wife is contesting under the women’s quota in Harare province.

Tendai Wenyika and Mike Gava
Tendai Wenyika and Mike Gava

Last year, Tendai, younger sister to musician, Plaxedes Wenyika married Zanu-PF youth leader Mike Gava at a colourful wedding in Harare. They are yet to start a family. The wedding was attended by firebrand South African youth leader Julius Malema.

If elected into Parliament the two will be one of the few couples that have graced the August House in Zimbabwe. Others are Kembo Mohadi and Tambudzani, and Mutinhiri and Ms Tracy Mutinhiri among others. But how does the prospect of being in the same Parliament with her husband make her feel?

Wenyika-Gava said: “I have no problems with that. I going there to represent my constituency and that is my focus. I am used to criticism but that has never swayed me.”

She is no stranger to elections as she cut her teeth as the MSU Student Representative Council president in 2004, a first for a woman at the institution. She has never looked back.

“Then it was student politics but it has nurtured me into what I am today. Student activism shaped my character and that is when I first joined the party of my choice, Zanu-PF. That was then in 2007 and back then I was not very active in national politics though I was a member of the Zanu-PF Midlands province,” she said.

Tendai Concilia Wenyika
Tendai Concilia Wenyika

On completion of her degree at MSU, she relocated to Harare and joined the Zanu-PF Harare province. She easily transformed herself from student activism to national politics. The province was to see her worth and determination that in 2009 she was elected deputy secretary for education for the province.

“This is the position that I still hold now. I think it was my passion to raise the status of women, youths and the marginalized that kept me going. I decided to enter the election to bring into Parliament a new dimension. I realised that demographically young women are in the majority yet they are marginalised both in politics and economics hence my wish to be in Parliament and help improve the life of our women.

“I thought the energies that we have as youths can be used to develop the country. I want to thank President Mugabe and the party for showing confidence in me. I thank the people for sending us forward to represent them in this election. We shall not fail you,” she said.

Mike Gava (32) will be contesting the Mhondoro Ngezi constituency on the Zanu-PF ticket in the July 31, 2013 harmonised elections. He faces MDC-T candidate Dennis Tirivanhu Juru in the elections and has already declared his opponent “as no match for him.”

Zanu PF youth leader, Mike Gava and his wife, Tendai
Zanu PF youth leader, Mike Gava and his wife, Tendai

“I will return the seat. Mhondoro-Ngezi has always been a Zanu-PF constituency and I am going to retain it. That is my promise to the party and people of the constituency that choose me to represent them,” he said.

“My greatest fan is my wife. She encouraged me to put my name as candidate in the Zanu-PF primaries. My wish is for us to be together in the August House in the Eight Parliament of Zimbabwe.