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Pokello vs Hakeem: Zimbabwe’s dilemma

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Zimbabwean housemates in the Big Brother Africa — The Chase, Pokello Nare (right) and Hakeem Mandaza (left) are up for eviction this Sunday. The two join Annabel from Kenya, Bolt of Sierra Leone, Namibia’s Dillish and Maria and Natasha from Malawi.

Pokello Nare
Pokello Nare

Pokello had looked safe after receiving only two nominations from Feza and Fatima only to be thrown into the fray by Ruby’s Head of the House Feza saving Sulu in the process. Pokello ruffled feathers by being involved in a cat-fight with Feza’s first crush Elikeem.

Still in the Ruby House, there is some drama and backstabbing as Natasha, who has been nominated for the fourth time, was shocked by the verdict. It is true that the Chasers don’t want Bolt, Annabel and Natasha as the three made it into nominations yet again.

In the Diamond House, for the second time in a row, Nando as the HOH was nominated and wasn’t too pleased about it. Luckily for him he had to go into the Diary Room for the save and replace decision, saved himself at the expense of Namibia’s Maria.

Hakeem Mandaza
Hakeem Mandaza

This then puts seven housemates, Annabel, Bolt, Dillish, Hakeem, Maria, Natasha and Pokello on the final list of this week’s nominations. However, the Zimbabwean pair will have to rely on fans across Africa to save them after having survived once each.

On the other hand, what makes this week’s voting difficult for the Zimbabwean housemates is that the country will have to choose either Pokello or Hakeem.

It is all about the game and by now the two who are strong contenders have a week to up their game. Some say Hakeem has to focus more on the prize money rather than his relationship with Zambian lass Cleo.

Well, is Pokello the dancing queen playing the game safe with the ladies man Elikeem?

But with Africa having voted to keep Pokello in the House during first nomination by eight country votes with Hakeem having six countries rallying behind him the two might just survive. Let’s wait and see on Sunday for Africa’s verdict.

This is how the Rubies nominated:

Feza: Pokello and Natasha

Angelo: Elikeem and Natasha

Fatima: Pokello and Oneal

Natasha: Elikeem and Bolt

Oneal: Sulu and Bassey

Bolt: Sulu and Natsaha

Pokello: Bolt and Sulu

Sulu: Bolt and Fatima

Elikeem: Sulu and Natasha

Bassey: Feza and Angelo

This how the Diamonds Nominated

Dillish: Hakeem and Selly

Melvin: Nando and Bimp

Beverly: Annabel and Selly

Bimp: Annabel and Maria

Hakeem: Dillish and Annabel

Maria: Hakeem and Nando

Annabel: Hakeem and Beverly

Cleo: Dillish and Nando

Nando: Dillish and Maria