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Chegutu man killed over a game of pool

A Chegutu man was stabbed to death with a broken bottle after confronting another man who had disrupted a game of pool. Vilimayi Chimedza (28) was playing pool at Happy Bar when a man identified only as Mpofu came and took the pool balls and put them into the pool table pocket before walking away.

Chegutu man killed over game of pool
Chegutu man killed over game of pool

This angered Chimedza who confronted Mpofu demanding an explanation. Chimedza received a smack in the face before Mpofu picked up an empty beer bottle and hit Chimedza on the back of the head with the bottle and it broke and he remained with a sharp part of the bottle in his hand as he walked out of the bar.

A bleeding Chimedza followed him outside and Mpofu stabbed him on the neck with the sharp remains of the broken bottle and he fell to the ground. Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the incident adding that police had since launched a manhunt for Mpofu.

“We are looking for a man identified only as Mpofu as no further particulars are available so that he can assist with our investigations. “He is wanted in connection with the murder of a Chegutu man following disturbances that arose at a pool table,” he said.

Chimedza’s friends took him to Chegutu District Hospital where he was turned away and referred to the police for a report. A bloody Chimedza was taken to the police where a report of assault was recorded. He, however, died on his way back to the hospital from suspected excessive bleeding.

Inspector Mabgweazara said although it was necessary to have a report, the hospital staff should have attended to Chimedza. “The death shows that inquiries with the police could have been made while someone was receiving treatment,” he said.