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Miss Zimbabwe 1993 Karen Stally: Then and Now

By Staff Reporter

In our weekly series ‘Then and Now’ Nehanda Radio looks at prominent Zimbabweans from all walks of life, home and abroad. We get their pictures when they were young (then) and take a look at what they have become (now).

A young Karen Stally (left) packing a mean left hook and the beautiful model/singer (right) she has become
A young Karen Stally (left) packing a mean left hook and the beautiful model/singer (right) she has become

This week we feature singer and former Miss Zimbabwe 1993 winner Karen Stally. As with the other guests we asked Karen to write a few lines summarizing her journey through life and to pick her best and worst moments.

Karen began modelling in 1993 when she was crowned Miss Zimbabwe, and represented her country at Miss World, held in Sun City, South Africa.

A career as a model/presenter/actress continued in SA and Zimbabwe, during which time she represented top brands and made feature films and TV series for broadcast as far afield as USA, Europe and Australia.

In 1994 she dabbled in music with A Peace of Ebony and together they won the Radio France International ‘Les Descouvertes’ Award for Best African Group. They consequently released a single on The Putumayo World Music label.

Karen has lived in the UK since 1998 working for the most part as a professional actress, taking roles in known programmes like ‘Casualty’ ‘The Fugitives’ and ‘Doctors’.

She has toured the UK extensively with theatre productions, and used drama to design and facilitate workshops for the self-development of youth in our communities.

Karen Stally had this to say:

“I find it hard to isolate just one best moment in my life so far. There have been a few. Truthfully though, I would have to say the day my eyes were open to the reality of God. August 2001. That was when everything changed.

“I found a renewed purpose that connected me to my passions and my destiny in an unconventional way. This was also when song writing, poetry and other written communication was introduced. I am a communicator.

“As far as practical experiences, I have to say being Miss Zimbabwe 1993, experiencing Miss World was a highlight. More recently I had the opportunity to coordinate high profile events like the Screen Nation film and TV Awards, a red carpet event that is dubbed ‘the black Oscars’.

“I’ve been honoured to twice be nominated for a ZIMAA and Zimbabwe Achievers Award for Female Artist of the year. All achievements I’m humbled by. But nothing humbles me more than working with youth.

“At the moment I work with special needs children, and am reminded every day that I told God I wanted to use my gifts to help the children. It blesses me.

“Worst moments, I’ve had a few, like everyone else. It’s a good reminder to self that we are all people, we all have needs. I try to take the positives and lessons out of these and grow forward.

“I still believe that my very best days are ahead of me. Absolutely, the best is yet to come. Thank you to all those who believe and encourage me. And thank you to all those who have stolen from me. It’s all part of the journey, and I feel like mine is just beginning. Ishe komborera Zimbabwe!”

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