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Locardia Loses Tsvangirai Wedding Case

By Staff Reporter

The High Court on Wednesday dismissed a last ditch attempt by Locardia Karimatsenga Tembo to stop Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from marrying new lover Elizabeth Macheka this coming Saturday.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai with new wife Elizabeth Macheka
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai with new wife Elizabeth Macheka

Details of the case are still trickling in but we understand Justice Antonia Guvava dismissed the application and advised Karimatsenga to lodge an objection with the Marriage Officer instead. Tsvangirai is said to have already legally married Macheka on the 27th of August.

Tsvangirai ditched Karimatsenga last year citing too much interference from state security agents. With Tsvangirai planning to wed Macheka in a white wedding at the Rain Tree Lodge in Umwinsidale, Harare, on Saturday, Karimatsenga approached the courts claiming she is still married to the 60-year-old.

We also understand the Karimatsenga legal team immediately took the advice of the Judge and filed an objection with a marriage officer. Legal experts however have told us her case is weak even if she proves she is customarily married to Tsvangirai. Polygamy is accepted under customary marriage laws.

A prominent lawyer writing on Facebook says “The only newsworthy aspect of this story is that this story is regarded as news. A customary law marriage doesn’t give any rights to the woman, nil. It is a marriage in nothing but name only.

“A person divorces a customary law spouse and then goes to get a Chapter 37 (actually now called Title 5:11 or 5:10 if memory serves) doesn’t even get to put ‘divorcee’ on their marriage certificate, but ‘bachelor’ or ‘spinster’.

“Whoever advised this poor woman to indulge her delusions needs to have not just their certificate to practise law pulled, but have whichever university they went to withdraw their law degree and have them re-do second year family law.”

More details as they come……………