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Fan strips pole dancer Zoey on stage

By Jeffrey Muvundusi

HARARE – Pole dancer Nolleen ‘‘Zoey’’ Sifelani seems to have got more than she bargained for after a male fan whom she had invited to join her on stage to perform her seductive dances pulled down her dancing costume.

SELF-proclaimed founder of pole dancing in Zimbabwe Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani
SELF-proclaimed founder of pole dancing in Zimbabwe Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani

The incident occurred on Friday night at Hustlers Leisure where the raunchy dancer and her Red Angels were performing during the night spot’s 12th anniversary. Inviting male revellers on stage seems to be fast growing as part and parcel of pole dancers’ acts.

Zoey did just that.

She invited the heavily intoxicated fan and started stripping him. In typical tit-for-tat fashion, the fan in turn pulled down Zoey’s dancing gear which was barely covering the essentials. A stampede followed as ecstatic patrons rushed to the stage to catch a glimpse of Zoey in her birthday suit.

Club officials who rushed to switch off the lights saved the day. Speaking to the Daily News after her performance, the pole dancing “pioneer” blamed the misconduct on booze, adding it was an occupational hazard in the dancing industry.

“I do not regret inviting the man to join me on stage during my routines. This incident is a wake-up call that next time when I invite a reveller to join me on stage I should be very careful,” Zoey said. Daily News