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Mugabe rebukes off track spokesman

By Wonai Masvingise

Media, Information and Publicity secretary and Presidential spokesperson George Charamba could have landed himself in “hot soup” following his utterances early this week that Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Arthur Mutambara will remain a principal in the wobbly inclusive government.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba rebuked by Mugabe on Tuesday
Presidential spokesman George Charamba rebuked by Mugabe on Tuesday

It is understood that President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday reportedly slammed Charamba’s statements suggesting that Mutambara would remain a principal despite the recent Sadc resolution to the contrary.

Charamba was quoted by the State media claiming that MDC leader Welshman Ncube’s recognition by Sadc as a principal would not upgrade him to the status of DPM in government. He reportedly said Sadc had stressed that it would be dealing with leaders of political parties for purposes of mediation only.

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But MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga told a Sapes organised meeting on Thursday that President Mugabe was livid because of Charamba’s comments and admitted during a meeting to discuss the recent Sadc summit that Charamba had gone “off-track”.

“I think he (Charamba) got the wrong end of the stick,” Mugabe reportedly told the principals’ meeting on Tuesday after Mushonga and Ncube brought his attention to the Sadc Troika Resolution 8, which contradicted what Charamba was quoted as having said.

The resolution reads: “The facilitator and the chair of the Troika must engage on the Zimbabwe issues with the three political parties to the GPA through their Presidents and Principals — namely President Robert Mugabe, (Zanu PF), Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC -T) and Professor Welshman Ncube (MDC).”

Debating with Zanu PF negotiator Patrick Chinamasa and MDC-T Secretary for International Relations Jameson Timba, Mushonga pointed out that Mugabe would “never go” against a Sadc resolution as suggested by Charamba.

“There has never been a meeting I have gone where President Mugabe has never been in agreement with Sadc,” Mushonga retorted.

“Our problem here in Zimbabwe is there are people who control the media and therefore say many lies. As you debate the issues in Zimbabwe there are always those that speak to a particular position and those that speak the facts.”

However, Chinamasa said the fight between Ncube and Mutambara was a party issue that the MDC had to solve “internally”.

“No one takes cognisance of the internal affairs of another political party. It’s your problem and I’m not going to give you a solution to your problem. We are not going to spend sleepless nights over your problems,” Chinamasa said.

He also declared that Mutambara would remain DPM unless he voluntarily resigned. NewsDay