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Freddy Chimombe dies at mother’s home

Freddy Chimombe, son of the late legendary singer James Chimombe, has died. He was 38. Freddy died at his mother’s home in Jerusalem, Highfield, after battling tuberculosis for some time.

Freddy Chimombe dies at mother’s home
Freddy Chimombe dies at mother’s home

Family spokesperson and uncle, Robert Chimombe, said Freddy died from breathing complications in the early hours of yesterday.

“He had been unwell for over three years, but it was only last week that he started having breathing problems,” he said. “We thought that since he was now taking ARVs he would get better, but little did we know that God had other plans.”

Freddy’s efforts to revive his father’s legacy were hampered by failing health after he became partially blind and could not stage shows. He was living in squalid conditions at Hopley Farm where he shared a one-roomed shack with his six children.

Music promoter Partson “Chipaz” Chimboza once organised a benefit concert and a football match whose proceeds were given to Freddy’s family. Chimboza yesterday described the death of Freddy as a great loss to the music industry.

“It pains me a lot to lose him after all the support and efforts from everyone, including the charity match in February. We had hoped that he would recover, but God has control over everything and I would want to say rest in peace,” Chimboza said.

Freddy’s burial is set for tomorrow and mourners are gathered at house number 2750 Jerusalem, Highfield. He is survived by his wife Thulani and six children.