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‘Pleasure Manager’ Beverly opens up on love

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

The mere mention of her name conjures images of sensual, seductive and erotic dances — an affront of female dignity. In a world where dancing is assumed a vertical expression of horizontal desires, many men who flock to Beverly Sibanda’s shows are left drooling. What a pleasure manager!

This is the dance by raunchy dancer, Beverly Sibanda that has angered Delta Beverages
This is the dance by raunchy dancer, Beverly Sibanda that has angered Delta Beverages

At her shows, some sloshed fans are even heard shouting: “I won’t go home, home should follow me to where Bev will be.” Such is her magical touch. But when you associate with her, you will be surprised to note that she has two contrasting characters. Explosive and mad on stage!

Calm, cool and composed at home. Call it the idyll of separating work from leisure! Harare’s popular dancer Beverly, or simply Bev, isn’t the sort of person you would expect to be quiet, reserved and shy when confined to the comfort of her home.

Her stage work, characterised by scanty dressing, stunning flexibility and the controversial stunt of sitting on the bottle, make her the raunchy one. But the truth is, away from work, Bev spends most of her time at home in Helensvale where she rents a one-bed roomed apartment.

There, it is quiet and homely and you would be forgiven to think you have come to the wrong place when she welcomes you, decently dressed, too. “When I am not on stage I enjoy watching television, doing house chores and relaxing on the bed or on the couch as I sip on a glass or two of Amarula,” she said.

When The Herald Entertainment visited Bev at her home this week, she looked relaxed and her car — a Honda CRV — was parked outside the gate.

“Hallo and welcome to my lodgings,” she said.

“What took you so long; I almost fell asleep on the couch.”

Bev looked like a housewife in a long red floral dress with matching golden pumps. She led us to her cottage and inside, there were lots of Amarula bottles, some full and others empty. “It is really nice and quiet out here. At least I get to rest, cook and clean the house without any disturbances,” she said.

The 21-year-old “queen of the dance floor”, who has popularised the sitting on the bottle dance stunt, where she gyrates on top of an empty beer bottle, is a mother of one, Kudzai, who is turning four this year.

“At first I used to live with my son but then due to my busy schedule I decided to take him to my sister’s place. I work throughout the week because of the demand from my fans. Hitting the gym is for those people who have time for that. I usually work out when I am on stage,” she said.

For Bev, dance comes naturally and she effortlessly moves her body like a snake, rhythmically to music, although she takes at least three to four bottles of Redbull per show. You got to give her credit for reviving dancing as an important genre in entertainment. Most her fans are men.

“The thing is what I do on stage is work and I get inspiration from fans because they demand to see different styles and they enjoy it. I believe I am not responsible for what they do afterwards, but a good number of them have opened up saying that they always think about their wives after attending my shows,” she explained.

She has also become a regular guest at many kitchen and baby welcome parties.

“Previously, women were jealous of me, thinking that I was a home-wrecker but that has since changed because they now appreciate that I am an artiste. Recently, I have been attending women parties where besides dancing, the women also want me to teach them how to dance as well as perform in bed,” she said.

She says she is always a step ahead of her competitors because she is creative and innovative. “What I do is different from others and I am not a pole dancer. My dances come naturally and I always do the unimaginable because that’s what it takes to be a star,” she said.

Bev said she is in a serious relationship she is looking forward to getting married in the next six or so years. “I have a boyfriend and he appreciates my work so much. He is very much secure because he knows I am a professional dancer. However, there are men who make sexual advances at me but I turn them down.

“I don’t give fans my phone number and I rarely move around without my security personnel. After shows I usually sneak out through the back because I don’t like the attention I get from men,” she said. Bev says she always does things to perfection.

“Zvangu zvese zvinoonekwa nekunaka. I always give my best and as for the ideal man well, I can’t really say,” she said.