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Chiyangwa and Mliswa trade insults over AAG

HARARE- The fight to control the Affirmative Action Group has intensified with businessman Temba Mliswa alleging that founding president Philip Chiyangwa cannot solely control the black empowerment lobby group.

Philip Chiyangwa claims the AAG is his brand and registered in his name.
Philip Chiyangwa claims the AAG is his brand and registered in his name.

However, Chiyangwa dismissed Mliswa’s assertions saying the AAG was his brand registered in his name. Chiyangwa said Mliswa was dismissed from the group by the Mashonaland West provincial executive.

Mliswa claimed leadership of the AAG last week. Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Mliswa said his leadership will investigate the founding members’ conduct. He said the founding fathers had failed to deal with the issue of the previous executive as they had promised.

In assuming control of the group, Mliswa said the founding fathers failed to mobilise membership across Zimbabwe, elect an executive within three months and set up a people-driven constitution.

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“Black empowerment is not about self enrichment and we feel that the previous executive failed to deliver in terms of its mandate,” he said. The Mliswa leadership paraded new members of the executive including the disabled, war veterans and war collaborators.

Businessman Temba Mliswa
Businessman Temba Mliswa

Mliswa scoffed at remarks by Chiyangwa that he was the sole authority mandated to choose the AAG leadership. He said Chiyangwa ceased to be the owner of the AAG the moment he invited people to join him.

“It (the AAG) ceased to be an institution owned by an individual when he invited people to join the organisation.

“Are there any minutes or records that show Chiyangwa is the owner who has the mandate to unilaterally make decisions? The AAG belongs to the people and as long as people pay to be in this organisation then he ceases to be the owner.”

However, in a letter addressed to Mliswa on Tuesday, the AAG chairman for Mashonaland West Clifford Hlupeko said he had since been dismissed from the organisation. Hlupeko said the provincial executive had decided to expel Mliswa for setting up a different organisation while disregarding the founding fathers.

The letter barred Mliswa from making statements on behalf of the organisation and participating in its business. “Any further attempt to present yourself as a member of the AAG or engage in any activity purporting to be associated with the AAG will attract appropriate action.

“I draw your attention to the fact that the name AAG or Affirmative Action Group is a registered trademark under the Patents and Trademarks Act and can only be used with the express authority of the founding president who hasn’t done so to you.”

Mliswa however, challenged the dismissal. “I have certainly never received the letter. There are no minutes to that affect. That letter was generated from his office and he had someone sign it but I want to know what meeting made that decision.”

Mliswa said Hlupeko had no capacity to write such a letter. The new leadership was yesterday meeting at a sports club to incorporate members into the executive. Chiyangwa yesterday said the AAG was his “brand” and he had the sole authority to determine its course.

“If he thinks he can run the show in breach of the law then the onus is on the people to judge who has sole control of the organisation according to the law,” he said. Turmoil set into the AAG after Chiyangwa dismissed the Supa Mandiwanzira-led executive of which Mliswa was vice president. The Herald