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Cheating Ruwa woman has Chinese baby

By Arron Nyamayaro

RUWA- A cheating married black woman in Damafalls, Ruwa remains the talk of the neighbourhood after she gave birth to an Asian baby. While some neighbours suspect that Anywhere Gezi, 20, who is married to a kombi driver Bright Kachanga, 24, might have stolen the baby, the woman insists she was impregnated by her Chinese former boss.

Cheating Ruwa woman had Chinese baby
Cheating Ruwa woman had Chinese baby

The baby, named Kupakwashe Kachanga was born at Ruwa Maternity Clinic on November 26, 2010 and is the couple’s ONLY child. Bright and Anywhere had tried for THREE years to have a child of their own and were unsuccessful and it took the Chinese ‘lover’ just one night to hit the jackpot.

Anywhere CONFESSED that she cheated with a Chinese man who was her boss at Grinaker Construction where she still works. The Chinese man at the centre of the storm was only identified as Lung Fanlihong and is believed to have fled to Zambia after he was confronted by Bright’s relatives baying for his blood.

When H-Metro visited the family yesterday, Anywhere’s neighbours were convinced that the family might have stolen the baby as Bright appeared not bothered.

“At first, I thought a Chinese national had settled in our neighbourhood and I was convinced this woman was a maid before I heard the true story,” said one of the neighbours.

“Ndakati muChina arikudei kuno ndaona akamubereka before she started breastfeeding the baby on way from the shops.

“What surprised us is that the husband accepts the baby as his and we thought that they might have stolen the baby. In other words, that’s the results of work place romance,” added the neighbour.

Anywhere CONFIRMED that she cheated with a Chinese man after a late night party with him where she consumed an unnamed intoxicating drink before they had sex.

“I lied to my husband before it was discovered by his sisters the day his (Bright) late father was laid to rest in Rusike Village, Goromonzi,” said Anywhere.

“The Chinese fled the country to Zambia after this came to light but we still have his relatives at our workplace in Ruwa. There was a party at work before he took me to a Casino where he gave me a sweet drink which I suspect was mixed with alcohol before we had sex all night long.

“I gave birth to a Chinese baby and she was born the day the Chinese father left the country to Zambia. I am glad that my husband accepted it after his relatives failed to welcome the baby. Bright is the one who signed for the kid’s birth record although he is not her real father.

“Bright is the only one looking after the baby and we are now living peacefully,” said Anywhere.

In another interview Bright told H-Metro that he is prepared to process Kupakwashe’s birth certificate and will not leave his wife because of her one-night stand that resulted in the child.

“We never stole the baby as people are suggesting but my wife was raped after she was given a beer drink at a company party owned by Chinese where she works,” said Bright. The baby was born at Ruwa Maternity Clinic and we have records to prove that we did not steal the baby.

“My relatives summoned me to appear before a family meeting and I challenged them that I would not leave my wife because only God has the power to find her guilty. It was whispered to my ears the day she was born and I told them that if the baby was not mine we would see when she grows up.

“Now she is a growing up and I can’t be cruel to dump her at this age. I bought the preparation and fed her while she was pregnant and can not leave her now as it will be unfair to the baby who is innocent.

“We never know this baby will look after me when her time comes. This baby came after I stayed with my wife for two and half years without one.  I told my wife that if she decides to leave me after the family meeting, she will leave the baby with me because no one would refund all the expenses I incurred from the pregnancy till today,” said Bright.

Bright is now a truck driver after leaving his job as a bus driver. H Metro