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MDC sleep walking into another stolen election

By Freeman Chari

I have decided to drop you a short note on what I perceive is a predictable yet subtle course that our politics is taking. It pains me that 11 years down the line we are seemingly repeating the same mistakes over and over. 

Although Mugabe does a lot of sleeping the MDC has been warned not to sleep walk into another stolen election
Although Mugabe does a lot of sleeping the MDC has been warned not to sleep walk into another stolen election

MDC thinks and rightly believes that if Zimbabwe goes to a free and fair election today it will win convincingly. ZANU PF knows and believes this too.  The question today is whether, in all its clear or blurred senses ZANU PF will allow itself to be cornered in such an easy manner.

Those who have been in this struggle long enough know that knowing your enemy is the first law of the jungle, that is why despite all the animosity, Britain maintains an embassy in Iran, US is attempting a virtual one there too whilst ZANU PF has moles in the highest offices in MDC. ZANU PF knows everything about MDC, but does MDC know what is happening in the Shake-Shake building?

Comrades remember in 2008 before the elections, I warned you that Mugabe will never leave his office just because some mere MDC-supporters have voted against him. You shouted at me and did not take heed.

The experience of 2002 when Vitalis Zvinavashe (late army chief) flanked by his cabal declared that the Army would never salute Tsvangirai should have taught us that we are dealing with a seriously paranoid and highly vicious group of rascals who only obey rules that favor them at that moment.

I don’t know how much I have to say to you so that your recollection is jumpstarted. Remember ZANU PF’s response to the Commonwealth rebuke or the embarrassment at the SADC tribunal?  These rascals do not have shame at all nor do they have respect.

Remember when Olusegun Obasanjo (former Nigerian president) came to Zimbabwe, he was welcomed by gyrating ZANU PF Women’s league members waving placards written “Big Brother Oba!” but when Obasanjo chose to side with the Commonwealth in Abuja he was labeled a puppet.

I want you to remember Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya who were murdered in 2000 by ZANU PF. Remember Lameck Chemvura who was thrown out of a moving train by soldiers in 2001. Remember Learnmore Jongwe. What of Tonderai Ndira? These are a few of the many victims of ZANU PF. Comrades we are dealing with a devious syndicate that gives nothing in return for you all.

Let us talk about elections. The truth is that, there will be no elections until ZANU PF’s victory is secured. I am not encouraging suspicion here, but the party is riddled with ZANU PF moles. It is only a matter of time before they begin to kick the bricks off the house.

Do you know of one Gabriel Chaibva? Yes, the one who defeated Vivian Mwashita in the Harare South constituency in 2000. Yes, the one who was part of the plotters together with Weshman Ncube in the 2005 split and indeed the one who is part of ZANU PF’s propaganda machinery today. Did we ever take time to look at his history and his dealings with ZANU PF before MDC was formed?

A few days ago I heard that MDC is crying foul over the decision by the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) to grant ZimPapers Talk Radio and Supa Mandiwanzira radio broadcasting licenses, labeling the move as partisan, but only a year ago they were celebrating when NewsDay and Daily News were licensed.

The question I ask is, where was the party’s intelligence department when they agreed to the composition of the ZMC? From the top of my head, MDC is outnumbered by 5 to 3 in the board.

Godfrey Majonga (chairman) is Director at Danhiko where Grace Mugabe is Patron, former ZBC Chief Executive Officer Henry Muradzikwa, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Divisional Head Millicent Mombeshora, former diplomat Christopher Mutsvangwa and ZANU PF’s standup spokesman and National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Dean Hikwa are all ZANU PF surrogates.

Given Matthew Takaona’s inclination towards undemocratic tendencies which he demonstrated at the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) there is nothing much to expect from him. And MDC allowed this to happen?

Today we are laying our hopes on elections that shall be conducted by a commission that is led by Justice Simpson Mutambanengwe? Did MDC ever look at his history from Lusaka 1970-75, Malawi, then in Namibia after being seconded by Mugabe. I know there are many who will disagree, but in future do not say I did not warn you.

Nothing has changed in Zimbabwe except that MDC was used as a broom in the US dollar experiment. It is as if ZANU PF did not know that using the US dollar would stabilize the economy, they knew it but had to reduce every opponent to bankruptcy before doing so.

And like what Supa Mandiwanzira revealed to me in one of my chance meetings with him in the United States, ZANU PF has an elaborate sanctions bursting scheme that involves China and greedy US companies. Tobaiwa Mudede is still Registrar General and the flawed Voters’ roll will be in use until dogs start to talk.

Johannes Tomana (Attorney General) is still there, so is Gideon Gono (Reserve Bank governor) and Perence Shiri (Air Marshall). Theresa Makone (c-Home Affairs Minister) will continue to be (Augustince ) Chihuri’s (police chief) porter; never blame her because if a police constabulary can frisk the Deputy Prime Minister why can’t a Fawcett guard do the same to Makone?

I hear that the CIO was also encroaching into MDC President Tsvangirai’s bedroom and trying to force him to enter a bedroom coalition. This could have been avoidable had MDC built institutions that are able to read and calculate.

It is better to have an office that has a single worker fed with accurate data that preempts attacks, than a horde of public relations officers waiting for crisis management.

Comrades ZANU PF is very happy with the status quo, because half the blame goes to MDC even for its failures. There are not going to be any elections in 2012, firstly because there won’t be a new constitution. ZANU PF will drag its feet on this one and mark my words. They will be making demand after demand. The voters’ roll will take another year.

ZANU PF will continue to speak as if they want elections yet in reality they will be praying for continued “peaceful” co-existence with MDC. Because we have many ZANU PF functionaries advising Morgan Tsvangirai, he will be told that if he leaves the GNU he would be giving the reigns to Mugabe on a silver plate.

And so Tsvangirai will refuse to let go of the skewed GNU. This will only serve to strengthen ZANU PF, as it waits for 4 more years on new age voters who may not be privy of ZANU’s yesteryear mess.

Comrades, a few years ago Solomon Mujuru (late army chief) was an equation in Zimbabwe politics but if somebody would have said he is a dispensable pony in ZANU PF, how many of you would have agreed? But he is gone and life goes on. I spoke about this when Susan Tsvangirai died and everybody said it was a genuine accident.

Let me warn Mr Tsvangirai that if at all push comes to shove, ZANU PF will be ready to set up an accident for him. This time I wonder if it will be a car accident, fire accident or plane accident but I am pretty certain it is an option actively discussed in that red building next to Mukwati.

My advice which I won’t give in totality for fear of vultures in our midst is that Mr Tsvangirai, you are relying on dead brains whilst active brains are being underutilized at USAID, KAF, Crisis Coalition, SST, DFID and other donor and NGO groups.

You drove them away Mr Prime Minister but Zimbabwe needs them now more than ever. The party cannot afford the luxury of having a person being a government minister and a strategic office-bearer at the same time. Also prepare for exile!

I wish I could write more of what has to be done but I know you have better solutions than mine, my hope is that this letter shakes the man in you and help Zimbabwe rise again.

Freeman Chari is a former student leader and human rights activist.