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Gospel musician Charles Chipanga strikes gold

By Melody Gwenyambira

Gospel musician Charles Chipanga has struck gold. He has just clinched a very lucrative deal with one of the best record companies in the Southern Hemisphere. His debut Prayer Expose (Namatayi) has carved him a niche on the apex and in the heart of one of the biggest Distribution and Marketing Music Companies EMI South Africa.

Gospel musician Charles Chipanga and wife Namatayi
Gospel musician Charles Chipanga and wife Namatayi

EMI is the same company that is responsible for marketing the works of the queen of gospel music Dr Rebecca Malope, Ringo and the Beatles. Now they have signed the talented Charles. “It’s amazing and it is by the grace of God. I would not have done it alone. If God has destined you for some great things he will fulfil them, he fulfils his promises,” Charles told H-Metro.

Charles believes that he has been empowered. “I feel so honoured. I have gotten the power to do more. This album has given us more power to work,” he said. Charles and his wife Namatayi are now working on the latter’s album. “This has also pushed us to do more and work harder on Namatayi’s album. We want to get more status with it.”

Charles who is coming into full ministry appreciated what is going on around his life. “Signing up with EMI is great. They have loved my project and I feel appreciated.” The full time music minister has more on his plate than what he bargained for but is happy with it all. “I am happy with what is happening now. We are getting more invitations to perform.

“Like now we got more corporate gigs than private gigs. For December we have a string of weddings. “We are also taking part in church conferences. Now we are trying to organise public gigs.” Apart from the signing, Charles is headed across the Limpopo for even greater things.

“I have got two festivals that I am attending this November. The first one is going to be in South Africa and the other one is in Swaziland. I am grateful,” said the former Black Spirits band member.