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AK-47 planted at MDC-T official’s home

Bernard Nyamambi’s, the Victoria Falls MDC-T district chairperson and Ward 1 councillor was arrested on Friday after he had gone to report firearms that he had found at his Chinotimba home.

Bernard Nyamambi AK47 found at his homeNyamambi discovered an AK47 rifle and a full bullet magazine at his house on Friday but when he went to the police to make a report he was arrested.  He was released on Sunday. The rifle and bullet magazine were left planted beside a flower pot outside his main door.

The police opened a docket; RB1183518 and said they will carry out further investigations. Nyamambi suspects foul play and said the move was meant to criminalise him and the MDC-T.

“I could not believe what I saw. This gave me the shock of my life and whoever did that wanted to fix me and instill fear in me and my family. I thank God that I was the first to discover this otherwise the trap could have put me in a fix”, said Nyamambi.

This is not the first time live bullets have been sent to MDC-T officials.  In 2009, the MDC-T Secretary General and Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, received a live bullet at his Harare home.  The bullet was inside an envelope.

Meanwhile party president Morgan Tsvangirai on Monday received the Rex A. Honey, African Studies Leadership award for his Exemplary Struggle for Human Rights and Freedom from the International Programme from the University of Iowa in the USA.

Rex A. Honey was the co-founder of the University of Iowa Centre for Human Rights who died in October 2010.  He was 65.  He founded the centre with law Professor Burns Weston and Dorothy Paul in 1999.  He began teaching in 1974.