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ZINASU caretaker council gets to work

The National Transitional Caretaker Council (NTCC) commenced its mandate

Business was in full swing at the Zimbabwe National Students Union offices as the National Transitional Caretaker Council (NTCC) held its inaugural meeting on Monday at the National Offices in their eager to start the ball rolling towards the much awaited 8th Bi-annual congress penciled for August this year. One of the most driving forces behind this successful meeting is the chorus being sung from all the six administrative provinces of ZINASU rallying behind the fresh campaign of a unified students’ movement.

Obert Masaraure vs Tafadzwa Mugwadi on BTH
Obert Masaraure and Tafadzwa Mugwadi

On the agenda of the meeting was the draft roadmap to the National Congress which commences with Provincial congresses with Harare Province having already held its Provincial congress. The NTCC pledged to run successful provincial congress before mid July 2011 where a General Council meeting is expected to be convened as part of the Congress preparations, harnessing views and ideas from all the students across institutional diversity, i.e. Universities, Polytechnics, Teachers Colleges and vocational training colleges.

It curtained and pointed vividly that the Board members are not supposed to play any political role in the management, decision making of ZINASU and the must leave it to the students to run their own business. One of the resolutions passed by the meeting was that all former NEC members are mandated to a play a pivotal role towards and at the National Congress.

The NTCC is to continue with the ZINASU campaigns for the re-introduction of loans and grants, improvement in students’ welfare, the amendment of the diabolic University Act of 1990 and the broader democratization agenda until the National Congress to be held on the 26th-29th August 2011.

The NTCC Co-Chaired by Obert Masaraure and Tafadzwa Mugwadi and comprises four Administrative Committees namely the Media Committee, Advocacy Committee, Organizing and Logistics Committee and the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is composed of Tafadzwa Kutya and Noel Gotora, Advocacy Committee is comprised of two females, Kundai Chambara and Tendai Katai, Organizing and Logistics is comprised of Welcome Zimuto and Rangarirai Muchawaya and finally the Media Committee is comprised of Grant Tabvurei and Charles Chinyanya.

The other four members to be part of the NTCC are yet to be appointed in due course. The NTCC meeting was a success and sent the point home that the students’ community is agreed on unity as almost all former NEC members were part of the meeting to monitor proceedings despite not being in the new arrangement. Zivanai Muzorodzi, a former Treasurer in the Masaraure led faction warned against outside interference from those who do not want to see ZINASU rising to its status and urged the NTCC leadership to intensify programs aimed at achieving the 8th Bi-Annual Unity Congress.

Meanwhile, the Mashonaland Provincial Congress will be held on the 25th of June 2011 in Chinhoyi at Chinhoyi University Hotel under the theme, ‘Restoring Revolutionary Morality in the Students’ Union in pursuit of Democracy and Academic Freedoms in Zimbabwe; Towards Lasting Unity.’ The four remaining provincial congresses will be held the following week with effect from Monday 27 June 2011.

For and on Behalf of ZINASU

Grant Tabvurei and Charles Chinyanya