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Rapper Lil Kim steals the show in Zimbabwe

By Melody Gwenyambira

PLATINUM ALBUM holder and rapper Lil Kim, real name Kimberly Denise Jones, stole the show at the Zarfest’ Africa’s biggest hip hop night held on Saturday. Making her maiden stage appearance at the Borrowdale Race Course Lil Kim or “Queen Bee”, as she is affectionately called showed that she is a force to reckon with and even gave some male rappers a good run for their money.

Queen Bee took some time to salute the late Notorious B.I.G and both the male and female specie, “When I was in South Africa I saw a lot of good looking men. Now I am in Zimbabwe I am seeing a lot of handsome men. I love you Zimbabwe!” she screamed out. The pint sized emcee even invited some young locals onto the stage as a way of showing her appreciation,

Lil Kim performs in Zimbabwe
Lil Kim performs in Zimbabwe

“You know I am from Brooklyn, home of the greatest rappers. Now there is a song by my boy Jay Z and Alicia Keys about New York. The same song I am going to ask my friends to sing about Zimbabwe. A place where dreams are made and where lights inspire you,” Lil Kim continued. The fans who were all young adults joined Queen B and the Race Course exploded into, “Zimbabwe concrete jungle where dreams are made of. These streets will make you feel brand new.”

Backed by her Dee jay, two backing vocalists and two female dancers Lil Kim gave a mind blowing performance before and after fellow rappers Fat Joe and Ciara respectively. Her costume cannot go without mention. The military style red bolero was complimented by a military cap and a piece (or lingerie rather) that left men drooling.

Fellow singer, Ciara went on stage clad in tight fitting pants that left patrons debating who was the more fabulous of the two ladies. Ciara performed some raunchy dances that rocked the fans into frenzy. “We have heard some propaganda about Zimbabwe but that will not stop us from coming here. We love you and your country,” Fat Joe had screamed as he curtain raised the show for the hip hoppers.

Backed by an equally powerful male rapper and Dee jay, Fat Joe left the chilly Race Course heated up to fever pitch by the talented rappers. To many who are not used to rude language, they most probably left the venue reeling with shock. Fat Joe rained unprintable words onto the appreciative crowd and lured the fans into some serious dances.

Lean back was undoubtedly the crowd favourite. The show was attended by a sizeable crowd who forked out US$50 for the economy tickets, US$100 for the Golden Ring tickets and US$200 for the VIP stubs. The stage design was a true reflection of an international award winning ceremony with the brilliant lighting complementing the ambience.

The sound quality was perfect, bathing the whole arena with a wash of lyrics and beats. Lungile Radu (Sbu from Rhythm City) was the mcee and the female population was literally swooning under the star’s prowess.

“Ladies and gentlemen give it up for the US finest Dj,” he said referring to Dj Scratch “My man, it is the world’s finest Dj,” Lungile was corrected by Dj Scratch. Scratch like his name suggests made squeaky but electrifying sounds with the discs on the turn tables.  It was undoubtedly a memorable night for those fortunate enough to attend it. H Metro