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We are Africans Zimbabwe Mix ft All Stars from Zimbabwe
We are Africans Zimbabwe Mix ft All Stars from Zimbabwe

By Cynthia Mare

Right now it’s all about the Zimbabwe All Stars remix of JJC WE ARE AFRICANS. Being the First Lady in this movement, I’m repping all my African girls.

The Zimbabwe All-stars include yours truly, Cynthia Mare, Jusa Dementor, Bkay & Kazz, Decibel, Jonah Sithole, Roby Gee, TK Paradza and of course JJC himself (BigBoyz Ent).

Everyone brings their own flavor on this hot track. The video has reached over 9000 views in the first 24 hours. The support has been phenomenal. The song has now started heated discussions on you tube and around the world.

This can only be a good thing. Our song is moving people. Its making people say what they think. We are young Zimbabweans, proud and talented and we are using our voice to celebrate being African, being Zimbabwean and ultimately being independent.

We are singing about and showing unity in the song and video. That’s what its about now. Young Zimbabweans coming together with one voice. This is just the beginning….Oh how exciting!!

We Are Africans #263Remix was released on Zimbabwe Independence day 18 April 2011. Get your free download here: http://2six3.com/

Check out the video. Support the movement by spreading the word and sharing the video with everyone you know. Twit it, Facebook it, BB it, Whats Up it, talk about it, blog it….

Get your free download here  http://2six3.com/