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Sanctions ultimate Zanu PF scapegoat

Zanu PF has launched a massive exercise in dishonesty trying to tell the country that sanctions are at the root of our problems. Under the heading “10 strong reasons why you must sign against illegal sanctions”, Zanu PF tells us sanctions are “an attack on all Zimbabweans and an attack on our economy”.

Mugabe sanctions petitionIn fact it is difficult to guess what measures constitute an “attack on all Zimbabweans”. Trade restrictions have been eased in regard to a number of companies. And trade between EU countries and Zimbabwe has been growing without disturbance.

However, we note the planned retaliation against Nestlé because it declined to buy milk from the Gushungo dairy owned by the first family. Here we have a good example of an “attack upon the economy”.

And Sadc should be alerted to this unacceptable example of a reputable and widely known company being harassed because it won’t, or rather can’t, do business in Zimbabwe under these circumstances.

“Sanctions are illegal, undeserved and spiteful,” Zanu PF says.

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Doesn’t that sound a bit like land reform? Zanu PF describes sanctions as “racist”. Let’s not forget that it was the Sadc Tribunal, which commands a good deal more respect than Zanu PF, that described land reform Zanu PF-style as “racist”.

We note that a handful of misguided business people have signed up for this coercive and hypocritical scheme. That includes people who should know better like Shingi Mutasa.

Mutasa is widely respected in the business community. Does he really want to be seen as part of Zanu PF’s damaging project? The same goes for Nigel Chanakira who appears to think the EU is “bitter” about land reform. No mention from his round table colleagues about electoral violence or manipulation.

Come on Nigel, you can do better than this.

And we were surprised to see President Mugabe’s attack on Zimplats which he said had contributed “nothing substantial to the development of the country”.

Not so long ago he was telling us that Zimplats with its roads, schools, and power plants was emblematic of the investment the country needs. Now he has targeted them for take-over.

”There is a lot of money that is not benefiting the country,” Mugabe said. “There are huge deposits of platinum and gold. Let’s now deal with these companies,” he said inviting Empowerment minister Saviour Kasukuwere to work on indigenising “soonest”.

That’s a bit like inviting the fox into the henhouse!

And hasn’t Obert Mpofu given us a helpful glimpse recently of what happens when ministers get involved in mining? Now Mugabe is asking questions. Where did all those millions go? That’s what everybody wants to know!

Excerpt from the Zimbabwe Independent Muckracker column