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Home Affairs ministers booed in South Africa

By Vavudze Bvanyangu

Zimbabwe’s Home Affairs Co-ministers, Kembo Mohadi and Theresa Makone, walked out of a meeting with tails between their legs, after Zimbabweans  told them where to get off, for  glossing over their ministry’s incompetence in delivering documents to South Africa based Zimbabweans .

The duo, who never ceased to shower each other with accolades and praises in their opening remarks, attracted the wrath of their countrymen when they claimed that the documentation process was running smoothly in South Africa. Their presentations lacked profundity.

They exhibited clear ignorance of the documentation process. They also did not seem to have any clue of the implications of the process. Makone’s regurgitation of the outcomes of their meeting with SA Home Affairs Minister, Nkosazana Zuma, turned out to be an old and tired story. Minister Zuma made the same remarks to Zimbabwean NGOs last week during a Stake-holders meeting. 

The cabinet ministers further stunned everyone when they arrogantly refused to answer even a single question from Zimbabweans who had paid R75 to hear their ministers shedding light over the on-going documentation process which is riddled with serious irregularities. Instead they tongue lashed at the attendants accusing them of not respecting them, with Makone describing the questioning as “gutter fighting”.

“I am not going to engage in gutter fighting because I am an intellectual,” said Makone, a Food Science Nottingham University (UK) graduate. Mahodi did not help the situation either, when he demanded to be respected. “ I might be a bad person, but respect me,” said the Zanu PF hardliner, much to the annoyance of attendants who expected a fruitful engagement with the ministers.

 In rare display of Shefu mentality, the two characters, who are presiding over the collapsing Policing ministry in Zimbabwe, fell short of telling attendants that they should instead consider themselves as luck to be addressed by ministers. Typical of Zanu PF circus, the new Ambassador of Zimbabwe to South Africa, who Bvanyangu never bothered to ask his name, was sent off the podium by the attendants when he tried to shield the ministers by responding on their behalf.

When the ministers were finally forced back to the podium they surprisingly demanded that all questions be put in writing before sending them to their Mukwati Building offices in Harare. They tasked the new Ambassador to take the questions and send them to their 11th floor spacious offices. They also took a swipe at the organizers of the event for not sending them the agenda in advance.

The sarcastic Mutumwa Mawere, who Mohadi initially described as a former fugitive in his opening remarks, reminded the ministers to control their temper and respond to questions.  Mawere added that it was acceptable in African culture to invite people for a meeting without necessarily detailing items on the agenda.

Theirs were soliloquies of fools, full of sound bites, but literally saying nothing new. The 60 year old Makone further incensed everyone when she claimed that one Zimbabwe student got her ID card within five minutes. Such claims are even too preposterous to merit even as a passing sneer, because after paying the R150 charged for an ID, applicants have to wait for a week for the Consulate to verify first that money was deposited in Zimbabwe government’s account.

Bvanyangu understands that Makone is MDC-T’s funny woman. She is not a new comer to controversy and has always attracted singing headlines for wrong reasons.  Surprisingly, the MDC Chairlady enjoys the confidence of her boss Morgan Tsvangirai. The Harvest House woman is powerful.  She has power and knows how to flaunt it.

Ask, the suspended MDC Director General Toendepi Shonhe. Check this with Hon. Lucia Mativenga. Nee Chigariro doesn’t seem to have learnt anything from her Diploma in Leadership Management which she acquired at Waco University in Texas. There is nothing ministerial or managerial in all her escapades, except clear arrogant displays of power, opulence and self-importance. When asked to right her wrongs, she has always defended herself saying she can’t make everyone happy.

She nearly split MDC-T for the third time after taking on the much fancied and respected former National Chairlady, Lucia Mativenga from the left.  She snatched the post from her under opaque circumstances that dented the credibility of her Master, who is a close ally of her equally powerful husband, Ian Makone. The two occupy the epi-centre of Tsvangirai’s feared, powerful and hated kitchen cabinet.

She threw the MDC moral compass into turmoil, when she accompanied Zanu PF Pharisee, Didymus Mutasa, to Mbare police station, scavenging for his son Martin. Her first priority was Mutasa, simply because his wife, a nurse helped her to look after her baby, Taneta, who she delivered in 1976 in UK.

Out of the hundreds of activists such as Farai Maguwu who faced what rights groups described as political persecution, Makone elected to start her new job by muscling in to rescue the freedom of Mutasa’s son, Martin, who was arrested together with Zanu PF member and businessman Themba Mliswa on a fraud charge.

Bvanyangu’s honest opinion about Theresa is that there is nothing spectacular about the Mukwati Building bound mother of two except that Zimbabweans took her more serious than what she deserves.