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Gamu ‘Flying Squad’ article hits stinky note with readers

I have been accused before of having a grudge or something against New Zimbabwe.com. I assure you all that I do not and in fact wish the site and its editor it well. But I got pissed of as hell when I read:


I cannot understand what the reporter or editor was trying to say about Gamu. This is her grandfather’s place somewhere in or near Epworth, kumaruzevha. They have their own well, a blair toilet, and some mombes and a brick-under asbestos house. I think he did well for himself!

But this description “….the flies which roam freely in their open-door kitchen and unroofed blair toilet, a primitive affair, with six loosely-arranged bricks for a seat. Nearby is the family’s only source of water – an open well with a crude winch at the top……. an open fireplace and a cupboard unit propped up on bricks. A ramshackle collection of pots are all there is to put together modest meals..”

What is this reporter’s or the website’s point? Is it to mock Gamu’s grandparent’s poverty? What has she or they done to deserve this? Did she make any outlandish claims of coming from High Harare society? All she wanted was a shot at fame, and she is still most likely going to get it.

But the worst part of the article was the doctoring of the picture to add flies which were not there. See attached picture. The picture with the flies is the same one as the insert, which was obviously doctored to put in the flies. Again I ask, what the point here was, Maybe Mduduzi Mathuthu (the editor) can explain.

Written by anonymous reader.