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Millions voice their support for ‘axed’ Gamu

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole’s TV career hung on a thread as millions of people all over the world tore into her incredible decision to axe X Factor favourite Gamu Nhengu from Zimbabwe.

A Facebook page to get Gamu back onto the ITV talent show had received 127 000 supporters by Tuesday morning. Cheryl meanwhile is receiving a torrent of abuse from angry X Factor viewers.

Below is a sample of some of those comments.

Well sad that Cheryl was the British sweetheart while Ashley was hated, now Gamu has taken all the love Cheryl used to have and all Cheryl’s got is the hate or resentment everyone had for Ashley. Kentee4United

I can understand Cher going through as she was ill at her audition but Katie failed through not being reading in my eyes. Gamu is fresh, fun and has a brilliant voice.  Katie needs another year to gain more confidence and lose the ego.  I won’t be voting for her at all.  Cheryl, sorry my love but Malaria has got to you more than you realise and clouded your otherwise good judgment! Gilly Tiger

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole’s TV career hung on a thread as millions of people all over the world tore into her incredible decision to axe X Factor favourite Gamu Nhengu from Zimbabwe.

Gamu will be all the more successful without the show, which is losing credibility with each passing year. It will be such a shame though because she’s so cute and lovely I would have enjoyed watching her for the next 3 months. Miss Moaner

If Gamu is not brought back we should all boycott the X FACTOR until she is. This young girl has fantastic talent and is a credit to this country. She not only sings well but her and her familydo huge things for charity. Cheryl you should be ashamed of yourself, I like you but you have lost the plot now. Smudge06

The one thing about Gamu is she can sing LIVE whereas Cheryl can’t sing a note with background or otherwise, it’s been proven if you’ve ever saw her live! Get her (Cheryl) and Katie and Cher off and bring on REAL singers! X Factor is a joke now and hope it’s the last EVER show! Haggler

Cheryl would be a nobody if it was not for the X Factor. She can’t sing and does not tour. A total con artist living of Ashley’s fame. The Press Man

Cheryl said Gamu does not show star quality, which one of the two cry babies showed any? Blatant robbery, she has destroyed Gamu’s hopes on her inability to judge properly. I think the Malaria is still taking its toll on her. Bring Gamu and the viewers like me will return. Trinimam.

Couldn’t believe Cole’s decision the other night! Cher is a tragedy waiting to happen and Katie Wessel is more style than substance…….her decision to wear those eyelashes when singing a song that would have her closing her eyes on occasion was looney tunes and was thew distraction that stopped her singing altogether. Gamu’s performances to date have been faultless, she is so talented. The trouble is with Cheryl Cole is that she has difficulty coping with contestants that far exceed her singing capabilities ….which in truth are not great. I would like to see and hear her perform in the foyer of that Ascot hotel with a pianist and no distracting stage show and legions of dancers and backing singers. Gamu did it and she deserves to go through and believe that it is between her and Matt who is also extremely talented and like Gamu has not gone out of his way to “style up” and has relied on his talent to get him this far. To conclude if Gamu is not back this week the show loses all credibility. After recent criticisms regarding Xfactor this has to be the last straw if it is to continue as a TALENT show. Xpress

Loved Gamu, fantastic voice, quirky image and personality, should have gone through instead of that annoying fake idiot katie! Chicco

Love Cheryl to bits, but she has got this one completely wrong.  Show some strength of character and admit you got it wrong, and allow the public to show you who they want as their champion.  Katie is not the public’s favourite, with her ridiculous props, this will no doubt be demonstrated very soon. She, unlike Gamu cannot win the public’s affection like Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis.  GAMU all the way! Ski Boy

Having spent over five years living and working in Africa, six weeks of which I was confined to intensive care suffering from malaria, packed in crushed ice on my first night’s stay in hospital,  I can assure you that you would not be fit for telly for a long time afterwards. Akobalm

I very much doubt the judges can make a call without the producers’ consent. There is way too much at stake. Of course Gamu will be back. They even told us there would be a twist! How many people do you think will tune in to find out next week? A record number, no doubt. X Factor ratings will go through the roof. ITV will make millions selling advertising space on next week’s show. Cheryl Cole was told to say no to Gamu. The producers are now patting Cheryl on the back, saying “Look at all the attention. Sure, the public hates you, but you’ll win them back. You did good. Here’s a fat cheque.” G-bags