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New MDC party card to be launched in USA

The MDC–USA wishes to inform our members, supporters and friends that the long awaited new MDC Party card will be launched at a rally in Washington DC by the MDC National Chairman, Hon. Lovemore Moyo.

The date for the launch and rally will be announced in due course. In the meantime, the MDC –USA Province has begun preparations for the launch with an announcement to all its branches of this important milestone.
Commenting on the launch, the MDC-USA Chairman, Dr Maxwell Shumba said “as a province we are excited that the launch of the new card, already launched in Zimbabwe, will regularize our membership, provide one stop data base both the province and the national office can rely on to verify and gauge the strength of our party in real time.

This is an important step as the party lives up to its Excellency philosophy. Like all external provinces, MDC –USA will take the launch of the new party card as a beginning of a new dawn, a long awaited rationalization and authentication of bona fide members of the party.

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Gone will be the days when party cards will be handled in a haphazard way, subscription funds uncounted for and new members confused as to who or where they can obtain membership cards,” he said.
The new card will replace the current MDC card set to expire at the end of 2010. All members who currently have the existing card will notice that come December there will be no room for future subscriptions. The new card will also provide the Province, current and future members a clean start by demonstrating with their hard earned dollars renewed commitment to the party at a time the MDC party is faced with many financial challenges.

It is no secret that many Zimbabweans claim some form of membership to the MDC or another. For that reason, the party is taking this latest effort to reach out to these self identified members to play their part in making sure that the party has enough resources to meet the challenges of recruitment, mobilization, education and administration that we face as a party. The challenges as we all know are very real.
Unlike ZANU PF, the MDC is entirely reliant on the support of its members and well-wishers. As members we can play our small part by keeping our subscriptions up to date. It is not enough to buy a membership card. Monthly subscriptions are an important indicator of one’s commitment to the party.

The current system where party cards are dispersed across branches will also be reviewed. Those Zimbabweans who are currently not affiliated with any branch are strongly advised to contact the MDC-USA Organizing Secretary so that they can be assisted in forming new branches and or put in contact with existing branches near them.
“It is important,” the Provincial Chairman said that “members realize that the launch of the new party cards will significantly address the problems people often faced of not knowing whether their subscriptions made it to the MDC National Treasurer. The new party card and monitoring system will bring more accountability and demonstration indeed of MDC-USA’s commitment to the party.”

“It is no longer enough to engage in empty rhetoric but to put our money where our mouth is by unequivocally demonstrating our support with our timely subscriptions. It is time to stand up for the party that has so gallantly stood for us against tyranny and be counted as true MDC compatriots.”
 MDC-USA Press and Publicity Department