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Africa together against terrorism and dictatorship

Zimbabweans under the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition banner stand firmly in solidarity with the people of Uganda in the wake of dastardly and cowardly terrorist attacks targeting soccer world cup spectators. Heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the people of Uganda.

Crisis in Zimbabwe calls on the people of Uganda and Africa join the people of Zimbabwe in their fight against dictatorship and heavily militarized politics. We urge leaders at the African Union (AU) Summit, to ensure that Zimbabwe is sufficiently prepared to hold credible, free and fair elections and that the AU stands ready to monitor and observe those elections. The AU should actively promote democracy, peace and security in Zimbabwe and across Africa.

The AU and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are guarantors of Zimbabwe’s Global Political Agreement (GPA). This created a transitional power-sharing government to institute necessary reforms to conduct, free and fair elections. Democratic elections free of violence, run in accordance with SADC and AU standards on the conduct of free and fair elections, are the only way to establish lasting peace, democracy and stability in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is preparing for elections in 2011. We challenge African leaders to:

• Widely publicize the role of African institutions and standards in promoting democracy, good governance, human rights and development in Africa.

• Establish robust mechanisms to support democratic institutions and normalize problematic civil-military relations in Zimbabwe which in the recent past have interfered with electoral processes.

• Rigorously enforce regional standards on democratic governance and the conduct of free and fair elections and firmly censure non-compliance.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition will host a roundtable discussion in Kampala at Imperial Royale Hotel, on Friday, July 23, on the role of the AU in elections in Zimbabwe.

Distinguished speakers to address the roundtable include academic and political scientist professor John Makumbe, Zimbabwe Elections Support Network chairperson Tinoziva Bere, International Commission of Jurists Africa Director Arnold Tsunga, farm work’s unionist Mrs. Getrude Hambira, women’s rights activist Tsitsi Mhlanga, Zimbabwe Human Rights Association Director Okay Machisa and human rights researchers Pedzisai Ruhanya and Dewa Mavhinga.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

Or visit our website: www.crisiszimbabwe.org