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Brother gets sister pregnant on Christmas Eve

A twenty-three year old brother got his nineteen year old sister pregnant after they decided to have sex on Christmas Eve last year. Yeukai Semeni Nyamhanza, a Form 4 dropout and his sister Rumbidzai who is now five months pregnant are now performing community service after being charged with engaging in an incestuous relationship.

Both siblings from Dotito are performing community service at Dotito Clinic and Kadohwata Primary School respectively. Its reported by newspapers that they are staying with an uncle in Dotito following the death of their father while their mother is in Guruve. Narrating what happened Yeukai said;

“It was on Christmas Eve when I proposed love to her. The two of us were in the kitchen hut chatting when I suddenly decided to propose love to her. I just told her I loved her and she accepted my proposal,” Yeukai said.

Asked why he proposed love to his sister instead of courting other village girls, Yeukai said he had never planned it that way. “It just happened. I never had a girlfriend before. I believe this was the work of evil spirits. There are so many girls in this village, but it never came to my mind to propose love to any of them. I still cannot believe I did this,” he said.

He further admitted he would sneak to his sister’s bedroom hut to sleep with her. “We were intimate on three occasions,” he said. Asked if he was going to call the baby his son/daughter or nephew/niece, Yeukai could not answer.

“Inga ndataura wani? Ndinzwirei tsitsi varume ndiri kupazama nayo nyaya iyi. (Haven’t I told you enough? Feel pity for me, I am tormented),” he said. Yeukai said his uncle was furious when he found out what was happening. “He said the whole family was now a disgrace in the community. Truly, I do not understand how I ended myself in this mess,” he said.

Rumbidzai, who dropped out of school in Grade Six, said she accepted her brother’s proposal.

“On Christmas Day at around 9pm my younger sister stormed into my bedroom hut. She caught us pants down and reported the matter to our uncle. “Our uncle informed our aunt but she never confronted me about it. The relationship only came to light after uncle noticed I was pregnant,” she said. She said the uncle quizzed her over the pregnancy and she confessed to the incestuous relationship.

Chief Dotito said he believed intermittent natural disasters befalling the community were a result of such behaviour. “Only recently a hailstorm swept across villages,” he said. Chief Dotito said incest normally angered the ancestors who would punish them with natural disasters.

“They should be brought before the chief’s court and pay two beasts and two goats, which are used to appease the ancestors,” he said.