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LIVE updates: Military coup in Zimbabwe

Journalist Violet Gonda on Twitter: “G40 Ministers and reportedly in hiding. They had already left their homes when military arrived after 1am.”

Violet Gonda on Twitter: “Coup underway. Reliable sources say: Some Cde picked up. Gunfight at Minister Chombo’s house, his guards killed. Police Com. Chihuri in custody.”

The gate to Minister Ignatius Chombo's house near Harare Drive and Second Street
The gate to Minister Ignatius Chombo’s house near Harare Drive and Second Street

Now official and on ZBC TV, the military has taken over. They are saying Mugabe and his family are safe but they are targeting “criminals surrounding” him to remedy the “country’s suffering.” Said “as soon as they are done situation will come to normalcy.”

A Harare resident has told AFP that gunfire erupted near President Robert Mugabe’s private residence. “From the direction of his house, we heard about 30 or 40 shots fired over three or four minutes soon after 2:00 am,” 

      • Soldiers seen on streets of Harare
      • Explosions rock Zimbabwe capital in early hours of morning
      • Military ‘takes over state broadcaster’
      • ‘Shots heard near Mugabe’s residence’
      • Moves come amid rift between Mugabe and military

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono

I have spoken to a trusted ZBC staffer. The ZBC complex is now under control of the military. The news reader Rumbi Takawira was roughed up a bit according to my source. Some journalists were also roughed up. The military is controlling who comes in or out of the Broadcast Center.

Soldiers standing besides armoured vehicles outside Harare, Zimbabwe. Photograph: Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters
Soldiers standing besides armoured vehicles outside Harare, Zimbabwe. Photograph: Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters

20:52: Temba Mliswa “BREAKING- JUNTA has taken over Programming at ZTV as I speak”

22:44: Norton MP Temba Mliswa on Twitter

“The President is panicking and he has sent Mzembi to Zambia and to other SADC countries, but they seem not to be prepared to assist. We saw the position of the ANC through Gwede Mantashe saying that they will not be involved. Lunga is the only one who is with Mugabe on this.”

22:46 Norton MP Temba Mliswa on Twitter

“Sources suggest that these delays are all in an attempt to avoid the escalation of the situation. No blood has to be spilt.”


Earlier in the day Reuters reported four tanks were seen heading towards the Zimbabwe capital Harare on Tuesday, witnesses said, a day after the head of the armed forces said he was prepared to “step in” to end a purge of supporters of ousted vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Army tanks seen heading towards Harare
Army tanks seen heading towards Harare

Two armoured personnel carriers were positioned on the outskirts of Harare late on Tuesday and soldiers were directing traffic, a Reuters witness said, a day after the head of the army threatened to intervene in politics. The soldiers deployed on Harare Drive, a major thoroughfare, ordered passing cars to keep their windows up and not ask questions.

“Don’t try anything funny, just go,” one soldier said to a Reuters reporter. 

Mugabe chairs cabinet meeting

Mugabe chaired a weekly cabinet meeting in the capital on Tuesday. Afterwards, the ruling party, ZANU-PF, said it stood by the “primacy of politics over the gun”. It said Chiwenga’s statement suggests “treasonable conduct … meant to incite insurrection.”

Zanu PF Youth Leader Kudzai Chipanga

“Defending the revolution and our leader and president is an ideal we live for and if need be it is a principle we are prepared to die for,” Kudzai Chipanga

Alex Magaisa

“A military coup is the nuclear option. A coup would be a very hard sell at home and in the international community. They will want to avoid that.”

Soldiers in the Harare City Centre
Soldiers in the Harare City Centre
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  • I wont be surprised to realise that they are acting under the command of Mugabe n not Chiwenga 🐊

  • Anyone have records of Flightradar24 list of flights that left from Harare from 3 pm 14 November?

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  • Its possible that uncle rob is master minding everything

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  • Please don’t raise our hopes up for nothing


  • Rumbi was not herself today on Zbc 8pm news

    • Pane zvambotaurwawo here pa news pacho.coz other sources are saying its bobo who is directing these sojas

  • I have just seen a convoy of army tankers just right now from DZ to CBD. My question is. Are these tankers a directive from Chiwanga or Mugabe.

  • The Defence Act stipulates that its ONLY the Commander In Chief who can order the military out of the barracks, not the Commander or the Minister.

    It has always been Bob, throughout the course of the day, Lool!

    • That’s what 37 years of dictatorship does to people. You begin to think that the dictator is invincible. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

    • Its you saying all that. You’re quoting yourself.

    • Wake up papi!? It’s the crack of dawn, you have enjoyed enough of those green bomber uniforms, come out of your shells and embrace the long overdue change.

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    “A coup will be a hard sell..” let me ask you this Magaisa; Will President Grace be easier to sell?

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      Taura zvako…Magaisa hazive zvanoita…he advised Tsvangirai bhora musango now he shifted to G40….searching for greener pastures… hez a sell out like Jonso…

  • In such a situation no one knows whats happening the army chain of command collapses its a very dangerous situation coz lower level Soildiers can seize control of the country while the generals procrastinate that is what happened in Nigeria

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  • So do you think it’s a lie here? I was watching and listen to the news and i heard from Chiwenga. Mumhanyiswa makavarairwa muchingoti kunyepa.

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    “Coup’,wishful thinking ,people are just but myopic .why do people jump into conclusions.verify facts first.

  • Mugabe and Grace is quiet they say nothing. Only Chipanga ndiye anga achivukura achinzwa dakataka remakunha.

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    Military intervention has is the best thing Zimbabwe has seen in a very long time. Viva Lacoste. Viva Gen Chiwenga. Pasi nemhandu

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  • So its now about who is who then coz how can bob direct tanks under the generals without knowing??? Army is all about chain of command

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    Maisiya Chiwenga achidzoka zvisina pressure muchifunga kuti ari kuuya kuzodziya mushana?

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    Why are they writing what we want to hear ? we want the truth

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    This is an Oliver Cromwell moment for Zimbabwe, Mugabe is a failure and nothing good has come out from his rule, God blessed us with 15 billion worth of diamonds nothing is accounted for, who are these youth backing him up, find Chipanga and hang that Kaffir.

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    For the 1st time in a long time. Zimbabweans have something they had long abandoned. HOPE!

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    I really wish this was true

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    Desperate journalism lol!

  • Defense Act!? Nhasi uno moziva mutemo manje?

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    Hopewell soldiers were actually put by Mugabe. They are from Inkomo barracks and other outside barracks and came to protect Mugabe long before the Chiwenga press statement. Mugabe had wind of the press statement and outfoxed Chiwenga and moved soldiers around. It is actually Chiwenga literally under house arrest because his men have flooded Harare and airport without his orders. Have you seen him since? You guys interview these soldiers first you will get the story. Where is your investigative journalism follow these soldiers home give them tips ask them . We have been kept guessing for a long time .First Twitter was yesterday morning from Harare airport soldiers surrounding airport.
    This was easy for Bob to convice soldiers he pays them and chiwenga has no purse.

    • MaMoyo

      Tirikungohukura, tigohukura asi hapana anoziva chokwadi chirikuitika. Mhirai tione ma results and we can then speculate. I would love to see the G40 gay gang including this grade zero Chipanga go to Chikurubi. What they forget is that the Goblin already has a bunker ivo vanaChipanga vachingopangura murokesheni

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  • Why ZBC,they must go straight to State House

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  • We should never celebrate military coup ask the Gambians.

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