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Some reflections on Dr. Nkosana Moyo’s Presidential candidacy

By Sibanengi Ncube

The announcement of Dr Nkosana Moyo’s presidential bid, close to two weeks ago, has raised a lot of dust on the political landscape. Both analysts and other political players have reacted differently to this announcement. But, typical of the Zimbabwean body politic, at the moment the responses reveal deep-seated polarity that has become the bane of this beautiful country.

Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

Now that the dust has somehow settled, I wish to add my voice to this highly contentious issue. Even as I write, I am more than aware of the danger of exposing myself to bullies who have perfected the art of calling for freedom of expression during the day while seeking to muzzle voices that sing songs that are deemed abominable to their political fiefdoms during the night.

According to this warped thinking, freedom of expression only matters when it involves the hero worshipping of political players of choice. That realization notwithstanding, I seek here to explain why, in my view, Dr Moyo is the most ideal presidential candidate for Zimbabwe.

Perhaps to begin with, let me deal with major criticisms that I have managed to glean from the various voices against Dr Moyo’s candidature. Topping the list is the charge that he has not suffered in the trenches to be ‘rewarded’ with the Presidency of the country.

And this view cuts across the political divide as sympathizers of both the ruling party and the opposition harped endlessly on this point. My problem with this line of argument is that it tends to reinforce ‘politics of entitlement’ which views political office as a reward of some sort for having suffered in the trenches. By extension, this view means that the highest office of the land should be reserved for a person who would have suffered the most in the so – called trenches.

In terms of this approach the overarching quality for leadership are the wounds and bruises one would have incurred in the so-called trenches. Nothing, in my view, can be further from the truth. Leadership of the country cannot be taken as a mere compensation for having suffered either in the liberation struggle or any struggle for that matter. It certainly requires much more than wounds and bruises for anyone to be able to stir the affairs of the state in the best interests of the majority.

Related to the issue of the suffering is the view that portrays Dr Moyo as a coward. The basis of this cowardice is purportedly the fact that he resigned from cabinet in 2001. Lost in this criticism is an attempt to understand why Dr Moyo resigned.

According to his own version, which has not been refuted by anyone, and therefore remains as the only correct representation of what happened, Dr Moyo resigned on principle. His approach on the direction the country was supposed to take fundamentally differed with that of his principals, and for that reason he felt that he could not continue.

To vindicate his misgivings, the direction that the country took then has left us in our present situation. I do not see how, even by the most strenuous stretch of one’s imagination, this becomes cowardice. To the contrary, it takes great courage and bravery to stick to principle and tell President Mugabe that this far, no farther.

Secondly, it takes principle and unprecedented bravery to voluntarily abandon the trappings of power and the feeding trough associated with a cabinet appointment. We have seen in the past how those who get sacked go screaming and kicking.

Recently, all sorts of justifications were used to try and extend the life of the GNU by some who could not imagine life out of cabinet. Some of the people who wanted to prolong the life of GNU, under the pretext of reforms, now have the audacity to join the chorus and call Dr Moyo spineless.  It defies logic to say when Dr Moyo voluntarily let go, this amounts to cowardice.

It has also been insinuated in some quarters that Dr Moyo is Zanu PF. Surprisingly, the same people making this allegation advance a mutually destructive argument that his candidature will split opposition votes. If indeed Dr Moyo were Zanu PF, I would expect him to split Zanu PF votes, something which should be celebrated by those in the opposition.

A lot has been said about his comments about Mnangagwa’s capacity as a replacement of President Mugabe. Because of the culture of intolerance that has become part of Zimbabwe’s party politics’, this is viewed as inconceivable. Dr Moyo, is bringing a new brand of politics which is able to comment positively on a political opponent, but at the same time differing on how the nations should be run.

Instead of being criticized, in my view, Dr Moyo needs to be hailed for liberating political discourse from the firm clutches of party politics dominated by blind loyalty to the anointed and unflinching hatred of the political opponent.

The country is torn apart by polarization at both inter-party and intra-party levels. The level of factionalism across the political party divide has reached alarming levels. Although muted, ethnic cleavages are also simmering. Because of all this people have taken entrenched positions which engender feelings of hostility and fuels flames of retribution which run contrary to national cohesion, itself a prerequisite for development.

Dr Moyo enters the presidential race without much of this baggage which gives him the latitude to pursue pro-people policies without hindrance. More so, a son of a Ndebele mother and a Shona father, and married to a Manyika lady, Dr Moyo is not only a product of ethnic unity, but also a manifestation of ethnic harmony which gives him a national outlook in these days of parochial ethnic cleavages.

Geographically, Dr Moyo was born and bred in Mberengwa in the Midlands province, the heart of the country, which places him in good stead to balance calls for devolution and decentralization and the need to entrench national cohesion.

Makuva area where he was born was a theatre of the liberation struggle and I am sure he is more than aware of the sacrifices that ordinary villagers and combatants made to liberate this country from colonial rule, hence the need to jealously guard the gains of that struggle. By virtue of having grown up in Mberengwa, a rural marginal district of the country, the centrality of land as a key means of survival for ordinary people cannot escape Dr Moyo’s attention.

Whilst others have chosen to look at Dr Moyo’s academic achievements and professional track record as embodying elitism, those achievements can actually be harnessed for the good of the country.

Given the current discourse on science and technology as a basis for development, his PhD in Physics places him at the centre of a science and technology driven development paradigm. The MBA and vast hands-on experience in management and finance cannot come at a better time for the country.

The economy is battered. To oversee its revival requires the correct aptitude and commitment at the highest level, and I argue that of all the candidates we have so far Dr Moyo is outstanding in that regard. Given our situation as a country; the need to heal the nation; to forge national cohesion and to resuscitate an economy that is in the doldrums, a candidate of the caliber and stature of Dr Nkosana Moyo is ideal.

About the Author: Sibanengi Ncube is a co-founder of the Parliamentary Trust of Zimbabwe and is currently a PhD Fellow with the University of the Free State’s International Studies.  These are his personal views.

  • Zimbabwe needs new ideas. We need new untainted politicians who are ready to steer government away from the old toxic brand of politics that ZANU PF has subjected us to for decades.

  • Truth.com

    At least we still have people who see the vision out there. Good article, Sibangeni. You have told the truth as it is. The same MDC T that withdrew Biti and Mangoma’s seats and donated them to ZANU PF by refusing to contest ‘if there are no reforms’today want to tell us Nkosana will split votes. NO! In this modern world we need someone like Dr Nkosana who will steer the country to prosperity not just chant empty slogans! Moses took the children of Israel from Egypt but he did not enter the promised land! Opposition beware! Prophesy is actually on the side of an outsider who will win next year. Ignore it at your own peril.

  • Despite all his attributes, the folly is that he cannot muster any support to defeat Mugabe. ZANU PF has a core and that core is greater than what Moyo may gather. My personal view is, worthy as he maybe, he must fuse with those equal or nearly equal to the ZANU PF core and present his attributes thereat.

  • I still can’t come around to what is really going on… When Nkosana was given the gvt job, he resigned and ran away as fast as his thin legs could carry him till he reached his destination”AMERICA” fearing for his life. Now years later he is roaming the streets of Mbare , Renkini and Warren park D freely as if he never raffled Mugabe’s feathers….mmmmmm…. pane nyaya apa!!!!

    • Eramunah

      Yaaa u seem very dull, Nkosana was never fired he rejected BOB and fearing how a dictator would react to such a rejection, now that is all water under the bridge. Why should be afraid to come back home all that is in the past. What should be worring you is Tsvangirayi being given $ 70,000.00 by uncle for treatment.

    • Uri kutaura chokwadi. Vaudze muzaya

    • Sha ndosaka uchinzi lawrence.u ask the most of all important questions

    • Thanks Larry😃😃😃😃😃

    • Why do you say he ran away, was he ever on wanted list after turning down the govt job, was he ever told to surrender his travelling documents and report like every certain day of the week at some police station after turning down this govt job?

    • Farai ..!!!!!. the guy sneaked out of the country with so much speed a rocket could come second

    • He was never black listed. He voluntarily went away

    • He was never black listed. He voluntarily went away

    • Who said he was blacklisted…?????

    • Who said he was blacklisted…?????

    • Still the question z where was he?The country didnt start going today.A few months towards election he resurfaces suddenly knowledgeable about what Zimbabwe needs and playing down all the efforts of other opposition leaders who have been in the trenches and are responsible for the semplance of rights he himself now enjoys enough to express his arrogant self

    • The country didnt start going bad today

    • Plus haana kana mastructures a few months to go to election,this a lone project.Toda maparties ane capacity to field candidates in all constituencies to ensure that we get the correct person sieved through competition and to assure us that there will get a chance,firepower to push through their policies into parliament.The less u are in numbers the more chances u have of being brow beaten into insignificance.What then will be yo relevance as a party.How z he going to implement those smart-sounding policies that he so arrogantly articulates?

    • noone is smart here one ran to Botswana.check origin of wifes.they were in the GNU but failed from within.in other words Nkosana better.Doctor for president 2018

    • Loools Cheetah speed. Is a clown.

    • MadzibabaJoshua

      Even Tsvangirai ran away from Zimbabwe and took refugee in Botswana but he is back in the country to contest elections.
      Even Ayatolla skipped the country to Mozambique to fight for the country’s independence in the safety of a foreign country.
      I am not defending Nkosana Moyo
      but just telling the truth.

    • Muziya you a dead right this guy ran away from the ministry he was given surely because he had nothing to offer to the suffering masses, and today what can he offer us,im sure he is one of those sell outs he must go back to his base

    • Muziya you a dead right this guy ran away from the ministry he was given surely because he had nothing to offer to the suffering masses, and today what can he offer us,im sure he is one of those sell outs he must go back to his base

    • Dube you are missing the point this is the guy who throw in the towel when people where looking forward for his help and input

    • Dube you are missing the point this is the guy who throw in the towel when people where looking forward for his help and input

    • He is a corward

    • He is a corward

    • First research why he left the gvt.ukabatira info pamsoro zvinonetsa. People just jump to comment politics whilst they dont dig for facts

  • Eramunah

    I couldn’t have said it better, Sibangeni you hit the nail on the head. Nkosana will make this country great again. Tsvangirayi is actually the ZANU PF project staying in a ZANU house with a ZANU given wife his party can eat and have their cake at the same time. He is a sellout he forgot about his supporters who were killed in 2008. Moyo for PRESIDENT.

    • Mukundi

      No one disputes that Nkosana is the best candidate Zimbabwe can have right now. The challenge is his strategy- going alone and negating the groundwork of others is his folly.

      • MadzibabaJoshua

        He is not bound by any rules to join a coalition of clueless individuals who can not agree on who will lead the coalition.

        • Mukundi

          Then he should kiss good bye to Zim presidency. Tsva ngirai has a consistent support base, which if added to another aspirant’s support base can tilt the race

          • MadzibabaJoshua

            I agree with you Mukundi,Tsvangirai has the numbers for sure but what is lacking is good tactics and strategy.
            He should engage the services of good strategists and tacticians.
            The coalition talks were supposed to be done quickly as chances of an opposition coalition are fading as each day passes.At the end they might be forced to settle for a neutral leader as they themselves can not agree on who should lead the coalition.

          • Mukundi

            Agree but politics dzana Nkosana of wishing him away like flu hadzishandi. Nkosana acting elitist by thinking his CV is enough to land presidency. I like him, would vote 4him if he comes as a coalition leader but I hate his current strategy to the core coz come 2018, it leaves us with ZANUPF presidency

    • dehwa2

      matanga vanhu veZANU-PF,trashing TSVANGIRAI and propping up an Independent candidate with zero grassroots.You know Nkosana wont do nothing to Zanu-Pf and he will be lucky to get 2% of the votes.Instead if he has people at heart he has to join forces with other opposition forces for there is strength in members and not to say they are chancers.No independent candidate will defeat Mugabe thus a fact.

  • Edgar Zivanai Tekere

    Dr. Nkosana Moyo DOES NOT INTEND TO RUN! Its a NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY shows us this is another well planned SCAM. Remember this is a man who was offered a government cabinet position as a technocrat and resigned by fax, l believe if my memory serves me correctly. Used this in the diaspora to get good jobs. Here the truth from me in the diaspora (mwana vemusango). This man wants a TOP U.N. JOB. So by putting on his CV that he challenged Mugabe and once stood for President of Zimbabwe. Its another Curriculum Vitae, tick. Listen to what PM Morgan Tsvangirai said (does he know Tafara or Mbire)? Those who don’t know mbire in mash central, this place is very unreachable,no good roads, people walk miles and days to gather around for one meeting. In a nutshell He is saying are you ready for this bout. Its not easy if you want that prize money,or are you coming and once you get one punch by Tyson you quickly fall onto the floor, and have fooled many pay per viewers expecting a good fight.

    • Eramunah

      Dr Moyo will run sir and win, whether you like it or not. Mr Tsvangirai should do himself and his supporters a favour by boarding the freedom train before its too late. For the record iam not munhu weZANU but a patriotic Zimbabwean who want to see this country going forward and take its rightful place among nations of the world. Tsvangirai dropped the ball long back and i feel pity for those who still trust him to bring change, however he will be remembered as the hero of the struggle for the masses but strategically he is just poor and that will always cost him.

    • MadzibabaJoshua

      Knowing Mbire or Tafara is not an issue,people need someone who will turn around the fortunes of this country.As long as that person can make this country prosper,thats what matters most.
      Thats why Americans voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

  • Gooble degook. Labichi

  • He lacks grassroots support, if he’s gonna win he is gotta graft hard to make himself beyond Facebook and Twitter where he’s only got a handful of supporters

  • Zee

    Zimbabweans are the dullest people in the world. madunderhead chaiwo. Kutemba naNkosana. Mugabe unotonga kusvika paadira

  • Kuteya nzou nerihwa, why does he want to mainly split the Matebeleland vote which was in the hands of the opposition already.

    • Very good question. Ndebeles please answer.

    • tsvangirai has lost support ko Mthwakazi and Nkosana is a Shona not a Ndebele. Tsvangirai just like Mugabe are cancer infested didactors, dont you think we need an alternative?

    • I concur we need change for real but given the scenario of Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Moyo. Very high chances of Mugabe winning against the two are very high. Advisable for Nkosana’s votes to go for Tsvangirai or Mujuru. Infact the Presidential race should be between two contenders to effect change without splitting votes.

    • Can you explain what you mean by split the vote in Matebeleland? How does one split a vote? Never heard such buffoonery, I think Zimbabweans at times we behave like a bunch of clowns, here we are in a country with nothing a bunch of thieves, 37 years of rot, instead of crying foul of such inaptness, we attack those who put themselves forward. Just as Thabo Mbeki rightfully said yesterday that people just get carried away with political slogans they don’t even understand. In Zim we have the ” split the vote crusaders”. I think if all you can do as a Zimbabwean is criticise, stand aside and let people who are doers try. Majority of these internet intellects are X Zimbabweans granted asylum in foreign lands, now in the comfort of their council flats and free benefits of foreign governments they now want to sing Gumbaya on issues they initially ran away from.

      • MadzibabaJoshua


  • Stop giving him too much unnecessary coverage. He won’t win but disturb opposition votes

  • You are right he is not popular

  • Logic

    What I like about Dr Moyo is that he is not a politician. He has an untainted past unlike every other politician. Instead he has a proven track record of performance and practices good governance. In my view he has the experience, ethics and right temperament to take us forward.

    • MadzibabaJoshua

      You are spot on Logic

  • I fear another makoni, project mode same as guseni,now Moyo !

  • well said.follow him there is sense in what he says

  • This Nkosana man is a joke. Does not have Zimbabweans at heart

  • This man is a good example of why democracy is a terrible system especially for Africa.

    Democracy is about rule by popularity, no merit no substance nothing.

    Moyo is not popular but his CV is the best for the job at hand.

  • My president win or lose you have my vote

  • MadzibabaJoshua

    Sibangeni Ncube i agree 100% with your views.Zimbabwe is a country full of angry people.People in Zimbabwe can not analyse issues in an objective way,they are too emotional and biased towards their political parties such that mdc people can not even appreciate if zanu pf does good things and vice versa.
    I am neither zanu pf nor mdc and have never belonged to any political party and this gives me an advantage to clearly have the correct vision on most issues of a political nature.
    The truth is Dr Nkosana Moyo is the dark horse and he has the potential of causing a major upset come 2018 and here is why:

    ●just look at the dust that has been raised
    by his entry into politics,some people are
    really running scared.
    ●the guy is not stupid,he has done his
    calculations and he has a strategy.
    ●if he has no support as they say,then
    which votes is he going to split.
    ●he is not tainted and does not use vulgar
    ●he is bringing a fresh and new way of
    politiking,doing away with the old way.
    ●he has the pedigree to turn around the
    country’s fortunes.
    ●he is home grown and just wants to help
    his country.

    People can shriel and shriek but if Nkosana Moyo is the anointed biblical Moses sent to take the children of Zimbabwe to the Promised Land,then God’s Will will prevail.

  • Why not write simple English that everyone can understand?

  • Zimbabweans need change now, new leadership who are tried and tested this is not the time to recruit for leaders that time is over.

  • This is one man who refused to be part of the zanu mess. He was given a job and left it unlike some we kno who will accept and loot the money.yes when u live mugabe one thing for sure u need to run far far away with your kids or else 6 feet under. Zanu does not mess around . However being away can only tell us he is not part of the mess. We all kno what he can do .love him or hate him he is standing as a president and we need to embrace such people. Its a free world noone is odained to be the main oposition. Any zimbabwean who feels like standing as an opposition let them do so.let him try where morgan and company failed since 1997…….moyo brings a new vibe of politics he talks policies and vision. Others only say mugabe must go ….. Where tooo let zanu pf filled mugabe or a lion or a cat its their choice we need to focus on our choice

  • He is jonathan moyo girlfriend

  • Izvozvo ndozvisina kana basa manje, famba hako Nkosana famba. With time…