Man snubs wife, has sex with dog

A Bulawayo man, Shingai Mpofu, who was in the habit of refusing his wife her conjugal rights was caught red-handed bonking his dog.

Yes, they say a dog is a man’s best friend but for Mpofu it turns out to be the best sex of his life.  The man’s brother, Shabba, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Shingai sticking his private parts into those of a bitch (female dog). He then alerted his brother’s wife, Lynnia Siziba, before also calling on neighbours to come and see the drama.

“It was around 1am when I heard one of the dogs making some funny noises.

“I then took a screw driver with the intention of opening the window to see what was happening, but to my surprise I found my brother naked busy having sex with his female dog.

“I then asked him what he was doing, but he turned deaf and dumb. When I rushed to wake up his wife and other tenants in the house, he then dressed up and ran away,” said Shabba.

In the morning, they reported the matter to police leading to his arrest.

Shingai is a security guard at nearby shops in Pumula North and his colleagues kept wondering why between midnight and 1am he would leave his station. They speculated he would be going to see his wife but in reality he would be going to bonk his dog.

Siziba revealed that she was shocked by her husband’s behaviour, but it had answered a lot of questions which had been boggling her mind for a long time.

“Mpofu has always acted weird and he loved his dog a lot. Imagine he made me eat cabbage everyday while he fed his two dogs with meat and polony.

“For me to eat meat, I had to steal the one reserved for the dogs in the fridge whenever he was away,” said Siziba.

She further added that she was pained by the fact that her husband double crossed her with a dog.

“My husband goes for months without having sex with me and when I tried to touch him, he became violent threatening to beat me up.

“It seems he was satisfying himself with the dog and therefore I have decided to return home,” said Siziba.

Efforts to get a comment from Mpofu were fruitless as after being released by police, he was embarrassed to meet the public and locked himself at a friend’s house. B Metro