I am Itai Dzamara

By Vince Musewe

OPINION – As Europe gathered around the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo and declared as a society that “I am Charlie Hedbo”, they ensured that no matter the consequences and the cost, they would deliver to those responsible one clear message-they would not accept their way of life and freedom of speech to be compromised by the warped interests of a few.

Vince Musewe
Vince Musewe

And so should we now, as progressive Zimbabweans, stand up now and declare that “I am Itai Dzamara” and that we will not countenance the abduction of one of us who sees and dreams of a better Zimbabwe as most of us do.

I remember having a conversation recently with Itai on the fact that, when one is on his life purpose, all fear and imagined limitations melt away and are replaced by a burning desire to do that which we must despite the personal cost.

Martin Luther King did that, Nelson Mandela did that, Steve Biko and many of our prominent leaders and heroes, did that

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that the journey in the pursuit of liberty, freedom and the common good for many is lonely and littered with cowards who stand beside you and pretend. It is littered with schemers, deceivers, insincere relatives and friends who become few and will even disown you. It also has incalculable personal costs and inconveniences than no one can imagine.

Added to that, the system you are fighting against does everything to weaken and try to stop you mostly because you are right and it fears what you might become. As Gandhi one said; first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.

I sincerely pray at this moment, that my friend and brother in the struggle for freedom Itai Dzamara is alive and well. I know that the journey he has chosen will bear much fruit and result in the freedom of many and yet he must suffer for it and bear the pain alone.

Despite the dangers he might face at this moment, I know that it is his choice. I am also comforted by the knowledge that wherever he might be right now, the last thing on his mind is fear.

In my opinion, if there is any time that Zimbabweans should be united in purpose and intent to protect our freedom as Europe did, it is today, not tomorrow.

Where are our pastors and our bishops? Where are our churches, civic organisation, human rights activists and our NGO’s, our prophets and prophetesses, our community leaders , our opposition political party leaders and all those amongst us and in the Diaspora who claim that they stand our freedom?

Where are you all now because words alone will not do?

  • Zvakare

    This is moving and touching… I am actually embarassed to call myself a Zimbabwean when I just sit and do nothing while one of mine might actually be dead or languishing in pain and bruises in a dark room somewhere…

  • moyo

    Tachema tachemazwe munyika yedu. Oh! Lord tinzweiwo, topedzwa here, vana vatambura vongoziva munhu umwe chete anenge mwari pano panyika.

  • Walddoza

    Who is Itayi Dzamara

    • Chekuchera

      Google him and you wil know. If you are being sarcastic, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

      • chikara

        I agree with you.

      • Rovambira

        Trigger happy with the F-Bomb. I infer that you are a violent person who would abduct Walddoza for daring to ask why all this fuss, hype and hoopla on Itai Dzamara. To me it is all a set up where the MDC abduct their own and try to raise emotions high for political reasons.

    • Goodlife Lynus

      “Walddoza • 4 hours ago
      Who is Itayi Dzamara”

      Walddoza; Your response shows that you know where Itai is. Tell us,
      who are you?

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    Let us hope he is ok!

  • Kuda

    Zanu PF controls every part of this country regardless of what you say or do. If anyone could have done anything it would have already been done. What Dzamara is doing is very noble but the sad fact is it will never see the light of day. What people need to understand is that the Zanu Force will protect it’s way of life by any means necisarry especially now that their is revenue from the Gems .

    • Rovambira

      We all can stand up for different reasons. I am Rovambira _ I stand up for my birth right and ready to defend it against puppets and their masters.

  • sherpard

    rovambira, you that CIO who knows where Dzamara is mdididi wakho lokayihlo

  • zvanyanya

    Where are we all Zimbabweans? Like what someone said Zimbabweans we cowards.We all ran from our country when the going was tough. Who do we expect to fight for us? Our parents and grandmothers we left home? Zimbabweans we want to go to heaven but we dont want to die.

  • zvanyanya

    Unfortunately writing about it or discussing it won’t help to end the suffering in Zimbabwe.We the people of Zimbabwe need to stand up and fight for our rights. Didn’t Bob Marley say it that fight for your rights. Zimbabweans we need to have the courage and willness to sacrifice for our freedom.