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Itai Dzamara reportedly at Harare Central Police station

HARARE – The abducted activist Itai Dzamara is reportedly at the Harare Central police station and his lawyer Charles Kwaramba has since been informed and is on his way to the police station to secure his release.

Close relatives told Nehanda Radio that Dzamara has been kept at the police station since his abduction on Monday and he is likely to appear in court tomorrow.

Please note this story has since been overtaken by events.

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Latest Update: Lawyers fail to find Itai Dzamara at Harare Central Police station

  • StrangeSituation

    Is that how the Police arrest people in Zimbabwe?

  • mahumbwe

    Testing the waters . It’s just intimidation after MT talked about protests. We are left with no options but to do what will make Zimbabwe a better place for all

    • tokoloshi

      Remember the murder at Sarajevo. Remember what happened in Tunisia. Kamoto kamberevere kanopisa matanda mberi. Itai Dzamara is the beginning of the end of the regime. Just be honourable now and just give us his body. Whatever the case, the regime has miscalculated on Dzamara. Any other prominent would not have done such harm. Now we have the shortest dwarfest SK Moyo urinating by his mouth. Remember Dzamara Day.