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CIO targets Job Sikhala

HARARE – MDC-T member and outspoken president Robert Mugabe critic Job Sikhala’s security hangs in the balance following reports he is likely to be arrested for inciting the youths to demonstrate and force the immediate release of the abducted activist Itai Dzamara.

Former MP Job Sikhala
Former MP Job Sikhala

Police sources said Sikhala tops the list of influential people who are likely to be detained following threats of massive demonstrations.

Dzamara is still missing nearly 48 hours after being abducted by suspected state security agents on Monday.

Despite swirling rumours on Tuesday that a body had been found near the Goromonzi turn-off, Dzamara’s brother, Patson issued the following statement;

“I am receiving several enquiries about the whereabouts of my brother Itai Dzamara and the reports that he has passed on. Nothing has reached us yet. No official communication has reached us yet. If anyone has information let us know.”

However Sikhala on Monday posted on his Facebook wall that the Mugabe regime survived on abductions.

“My revolutionary friend, a colleague in the struggle, the MDC ally and the fearless soldier was kidnapped yesterday in the morning around 10am by hugely built men in a white ISUZU and his whereabouts are unknown up to present. This regime survives on this kind of behaviour since 1980.,” Sikhala wrote.

“They have been abducting people and causing their disappearance with impunity. The problem of today is that the world can’t tolerate the ISIS and Boko Haram abduction of innocent citizens.

“We shall do everything possible as individuals and the party to make sure that Itai Dzamara is released with immediate effect. This could be the Sarajevo assassination people have been waiting for. Revolutions have been sparked by the stupid behaviour of despots. And this might be one of them.”

In an interview with Nehanda Radio, Sikhala said he was not aware of any planned demonstrations.

“I do not know anything concerning those demonstrations but the international community has to know that this regime is becoming more and more like the ISIS and Boko Haram. We will never allow innocent civilians to be punished and leave in fear because of such barbaric behaviour,” Sikhala said.