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Full 2013 Zimbabwe election results

Zimbabwean dictator President Robert Mugabe was on Saturday declared the winner of a controversial presidential election with 2,110,434 votes, giving him 61% of the total and his challenger Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai 34% amid allegations of blatant vote rigging.

ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau and her deputy Mrs Leticia Kazembe update the media
Smiling Mugabe loyalists: ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau and her deputy Mrs Leticia Joyce Kazembe update the media

Harmonised elections results percentages :

Robert Mugabe                    2 110 434 votes,            61,09%

Morgan Tsvangirai           1 172 349 votes               33,94%

Welshman Ncube             92 637 votes                       2,68%

Dumiso Dabengwa           25 416 votes                       0,74%

Kisinoti Mukwazhi            9 931 votes                         0,29%

The margin was enough to avoid a repeat of the bloody runoff in June 2008 when Mugabe lost to Tsvangirai and unleashed army and state security agents who murdered an estimated 500 opposition supporters and maiming thousands in ‘Operation Mavhotera Papi – Where did you vote?’

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, controlled by President Mugabe has announced that his Zanu PF party won 158 of the 210 parliamentary seats, giving it a two-thirds majority in the legislature. This will enable it to make amendments to the new constitution.

Below are the official results for the House of Assembly


Nkulumane: Zapu 335, MDC-T 7,045, MKD 37, MDC 1,404, FZC 43, Zanu PF 2,494

Pelandaba Mpopoma: MDC 965, FZC 572, Inp 327, Ind 39, Zapu 140, Zanu Ndonga 74, Ind 45, MDC-T 6,024, Zapu 134, Zanu PF 2,122, AKE 50

Luveve: MDC 2,348, Zanu PF 2,874, MDC-T 5,586

Emakhandeni-Entumbane: Zanu PF 1,974, ZAPU 185, MDC 1,104, MDC-T 5,326

Pumula: MDC-T 6,100, AKE 82, Zanu PF 2,877, MDC 1,514, Zapu 285

Nketa: Zanu PF 3,817, MDC-T 7,649, MDC 1,931

Bulawayo Central: MDC 1,572, Zanu PF 2,827, Zapu 258, MDC-T 6,355

Bulawayo East: MDC 4,540, Indep 125, ZPM 24, MDC-T 4,550, Zanu PF 2,842

Bulawayo South: MDC 1,078, ZAPU 158, ZAPU FP 105, MKD 46, ZPM 46, MDC-T 6,364, Zanu PF 1,787

Makokoba: AKE 48, Zanu PF 3,539, ZAPU 206, MDC-T 7,099, MDC 1,547

Lobengula: Zanu PF 1,848, MDC 1,113, Zanu Ndonga 83, ZAPU 147, MDC-T 5579

Magwegwe: Zanu Ndonga 38, MDC 1,852, ZAPU 150, MDC-T 4,996, Zanu PF 1,289, Indep 392


Chitungwiza North: MDC 829, MKD 83, Zanu PF 6,507, MDC-T 8,071, UMD 75

St Mary’s: UMD 78, MDC 685, MKD 66, Zanu PF 5,524, ZAPU 50, MDC-T 7,092

Southerton: MDC-T 7,068, Zanu PF 3,245, MDC 792, FF 69

Mbare: MDC 1,041, MDC-T 10,932, UMD 66, Zanu PF 14,764

Sunningdale: Ind 1,567, MDC-T 5,746, ZANU Ndonga 48, MDC 557, VP 38, Zanu PF 3,005

Highfield West: Ind 67, Zanu PF 2,639, MDC-T 6,825, Zanu Ndonga 31, MDC 813

Highfield East: ZAPU 76, UMD 19, Zanu PF 3,627, MDC-T 8,494, MDC 747, FZC 34, MKD 37

Zengeza East: Zanu PF 6,391, MDC 923, MDC-T 7,873

Harare Central: Zanu PF 4,974, MDC 757, MDC-T 6,828

Mabvuku Tafara: MDC-T 7,917, Zanu PF 6,319

Kuwadzana East: MDC-T 7,967, Zanu PF 2,465

Zengeza West: Zanu PF 993, MDC 216, MDC-T 1,624

Chitungwiza South: Zanu PF 8,126, MDC-T 7,888, MDC 927, Indep 309

Mt Pleasant: MDC 403, Zanu PF 7,945, MDC-T 3,817

Dzivaraskewa: Zanu PF 5,402, MDC-T 6,591

Kambuzuma: MDC-T 7,944, MDC 635, Zanu PF 4,165

Glen Norah: Zanu PF 1,984, MDC-T 6,672

Glen View North: MDC 469, Zanu PF 2,324, MDC-T 7,697

Epworth: MDCT 7,951, Zanu PF 15,768

Harare South: MDC 1,359, MDC-T 7,472, Zanu PF 20,069

Budiriro: MDC 1,029, MDC-T 13,077, Zanu 5,799

Mufakose: Zanu PF 1,873, MDC 543, MDC-T 5,797

Glen View South: MDC 695, Zanu 2,583, MDC-T 8,301

Warren Park: MDK 69, MDC 1,119, MDC-T 10,956, Zanu PF 4,853

Harare West: MDC-T 9,996, ZDP 29, Zanu PF 3,530

Harare East: MDC-T 9,538, UMD 53, Zanu PF 8,190, MDC 761

Hatfield: MDC-T 9,031, MDC 665, Zanu 4,246

Harare North: Indep 500, MDC 746, Zanu PF 7,917, MDC-T 6,555


Wedza North: Zanu PF 14,277, MDC-T 1,536 MDC 510

Hwedza South: Zanu PF 8,807, MDC-T 2,327, MDC 346, Indep 86

Mutare Central: Zanu PF 4,732, MDC-T 9,085, MDC 466

Mutare North: Zanu PF 17,867, MDC-T 5,998, MDC 860

Mutare South: Zanu PF 13,218, MDC-T 4,725 Indep 1,821 MDC 802

Mutare West: Zanu PF 16,087, MDC-T 7,483

Dangamvura-Chikanga: Zanu PF 9,336, Tsunga MDC-T 11,757, Mutsekwa MDC-T 3,851 MDC 468


Marondera Central: Zanu PF 9,378, MDC-T 7,892, MDC 314, IND 112

Marambapfungwe: Zanu PF 22,264, MDC-T 1,071, MDC 224

Uzumba: Zanu PF 21,421, MDC-T 945, MDC 222

Mudzi West: Zanu PF 14,266, MDC-T 733, MDC 267

Seke: Zanu PF 13,285, MDC-T 6,411, MDC 1,175, FZC 289

Murewa South: Zanu PF 17,368, MDC-T 1,729, MDC 550

Chikomba Central: Zanu PF 7,723, MDC-T 3,233, MDC 1,185

Chikomba East: Zanu PF 7,456, MDC-T 2,445, MDC 493, Zanu Ndonga 86

Chikomba West: Zanu PF 17,153, MDC-T 3,676, MDC 733

Goromonzi West: Zanu PF 12,758, MDC-T 7,123, MDC 540

Mudzi North: Zanu PF 15,997, MDC-T 1,857, MDC 501

Goromonzi North: Zanu PF 11,874, MDC-T 4,134, MDC 877

Murehwa North: Zanu PF 8,733, MDC-T 2,141, MDC 443, IND 6,741, MKD 207

Mt Darwin South: Zanu PF 19,680, MDC 332, MDC-T 1,401

Mazowe South: Zanu PF 11,741, MDC-T 4,116, MDC 820, MKD 116


Chakari: Zanu PF 19,540, MDC-T 1,642

Mhondoro Ngezi: MDC-T 3,564, Zanu PF 13,476

Muzvezve: Zanu PF 18,832, MDC 569, MDC-T 3,029

Sanyati: MDC-T 3,093, Zanu PF 11,332, MDC 308

Kadoma Central: PIMZ 220, Zanu PF 9,571, MDC-T 9,005, MDC 959

Norton: Zanu PF 10,592, MKD 129, MDC-T 9,360, MDC T 894

Mhondoro Mubaira: Zanu PF 10,153, MDC T 4,473, MDC 847

Chegutu West: Zanu PF 11,130, Inp 212, MDC-T 7,399, MDC 733

Chegutu East: Zanu PF 15,687, MDC-T 2,713, MDC 434,

Chinhoyi: Zanu PF 8,561, MDC-T 9,863, MDC 543


Masvingo North: MDC 587, Indep 212, Zanu PF 10,358, MDC-T 3,277

Masvingo West: MDC 405, MDC-T 4,687, Zanu PF 7,634

Bikita West: Zanu PF 6,270, Zanu PF 6,052, MDC-T 3,863, MDC 415

Gutu East: Zanu PF 7,372, MDC-T 3,469, MDC 316

Gutu South: Zanu PF 7,927, MDC-T 3,723

Gutu Central: MDC 886, Zanu PF 9,311, MDC-T 3,248

Chivi South: Zanu PF 12,599, MDC-T 2,755, MDC 879

Chivi Central: Zanu PF 12,559, MDC-T 3,725, MDC 861

Chiredzi South: MDC-T 1,937, MDC 508, Zanu PF 8,148

Chiredzi East: MDC 400, MDC-T 2,094, Zanu PF 8,926

Bikita South: Zanu PF 9,397, MDC 781, MDC-T 3,659

Chivi North: Zanu PF 8,827, MDC-T 4,149, MDC 317

Zaka West: Zanu PF 7,340, MDC-T 2,896, MDC 484

Zaka Central: Zanu PF 10,604, MDC 725 MDC-T 4,158

Masvingo Urban: MDC 672, MDC-T 10,424, Zanu PF 10,928, ZAPU 228, ZAPU 149

Gutu North: MDC 458, MDC-T 2,045, Zanu PF 6,845, IND 390

Gutu West: MDC 565, MDC-T 2,232, Zanu PF 13,499

Mwenezi West: Zanu PF 18,196, MDC-T 2,482, MDC 494


Gweru Urban: MDC-T 7,755, Zanu PF 6,146, MDC 578

Mkoba: MDC-T 10,097, Zanu PF 5,327, MDC 720

Chiwundura: Zanu PF 11,550, MDC-T 7,670

Shurugwi South: Zanu PF 11,506, MDC-T 2,515, MDC 332

Kwekwe Central: Zanu PF 6,051, MDC-T 5,760, MDC 508


Insiza North: Zanu PF 9,914 (Andrew Langa), MDC-T 2,811, MDC 1,489, Zapu 275

Beitbridge East: Zanu PF 10,191 (Kembo Mohadi), MDC-T 3,394, MDC 695, Indep 429, Indep 411

Mangwe: Zanu PF 4,988, MDC-T 4,434, MDC 1,995, Zapu 431

Bulilima East: Zanu PF 5,828, MDC-T 3,793, MDC 1,004, Indep 1,443

Bulilima West: Zanu PF 4,722, MDC-T 3,784 MDC 1,645, Zapu 293

Umzingwane: Zanu PF 7,689, MDC-T 6,169, MDC 1,833, ZAPU 395

Gwanda South: Zanu PF 4,246, MDC-T 3,783, MDC 1,977, Zapu 300, Indep 169

Matobo North: Zanu PF 5,300, MDC-T 5,219, MDC 852, ZAPU 417

Beitbridge West: Zanu PF 6,194, MDC-T 2,241, MDC 371

Matobo South: Zanu PF 4,692, MDC-T 4,596, MDC 764, ZAPU 478

Gwanda Central: Zanu PF 7,457, MDC-T 4,048, MDC 2,571, ZAPU 237

Insiza South: Zanu PF 4,660, MDC-T 2,007, MDC 2,384, ZAPU 320, IND 455

Gwanda North: Zanu PF 5,701, MDC-T 2,866, MDC 1,020, ZAPU 346

  • Snuuga


    A private South African based intelligence organisation Nasini Projects has allegedly unearthed a deadly electoral fraud in the just ended harmonized elections in Zimbabwe to end an unease coalition between strongman Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai,leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

    Speaking to NP News Saturday the chief executive officer of the Think tank Ms Lucia Mordi said a delicate ballot paper was used to rig the election.

    “From our findings so far we are 99.9% convinced that the election was rigged via a ballot paper.A special watermarked ballot was used to give president Mugabe a resounding victory.The ballot had a water X against President Mugabe’s name such that if any ink is placed on the paper the substance on the paper will react and remove the ink and activate the watermarked X into print.If you look at some ballots you would see that Xs are very straight and Identical.These were mixed with ordinary ballot papers in a proportion that would favour Zanu PF.Therefore I call for the opposition parties and the international community to stage an urgent probe into this scam ”

    When asked why she carried out the investigations Ms Mordi said her organisation was established to deal with issues related to serious fraud across the world.

    “Our organisation was established to reduce serious fraud across the world.After a tip from our China Branch we moved in to evaluate the situation”She said

    If Nasini Projects happen to be correct this could be the world’s fraudulant experience since the world was formed
    NP News

    • TheTribulationTimes


    • Aaron Dzingira

      Shire nonsense. Your ignorance of our electoral processes and procedures is simply astounding. Did you say intelligence or lack of it? Leave us alone.

      • Riete

        “Our electoral proces”…. Meaning ZANU s electoral process? What do you make of hard liners and security chiefs saying they would not accept an opposition victory even if the process were not flawed. So the whole thing is a sham from the outset. With or without Nikuv, Nasini, etc, it is just a charade.

        • mawire

          U people r too smart for our own good mhani. Iwe what does zanu stand for or mean Zimbabwe National African Union patriotic front. The whites shake in their panties when they hear the name because English is their language and they know what is means. The names speak for themselves.Mdc or zanupf. Even a dead man knows kuti chiwhat

          • Kevin1205

            Mawire you fool if ZanuPf comes calling at my place they will get what they deserve.

          • mawire

            Zvirito futi anmuneti here varume. Zanu is about peace this time round. Green for go ahead imi muchingori part red robot. Isa mota much gear tiende mhani. Chituta chemunhu. U could ever stop the air coming thru your door. We don’t need to look for shasha. Who r u? Of what significance are you to anyone. a dead mdc chipoko.

          • Kevin1205

            I am neither half educated nor a thief. I do not support people(Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Shiri) who commit genocide and crimes against humanity. I do not believe in rigged elections and I do not need anything from any government anywhere in the world. I make my own money, support my own family and have been doing so since before you were a little boy.

          • mawire

            Ko chii nhai kevin1205, . Tell that to the weapons merchants and those bullying countries. Mugabe is the lesser evil. He has never invadedvany other country, never dropped nukes on any one. The western powers bath and wash with the blood of other nations not pple. There is only 2 choices Zanu pf or the West. Chimurenga chakatanga in 1890 and we achieved political independence. In 1980. Now we’re have just achieved economic independence. Letting the West in means we lose both. We have lost too much blood to the white man. He does not want to meet us half way. Other pple will defend zimbabwe till they die others will simply leave and emmigrate. The war was never over. Be thankful there r no bombs and j ts in the sky above your house. Talk about coming to your door.

          • Kevin1205

            I would rather see all the murderers like Mugabe Mnangawa and Shiri condemned to death and executed for murder. Mugabe has ruined the Zimbawean economy unemployment and hunger are everywhere, only the corrupt criminals of Zanu PF have money and that has been stolen from the ordinay people who are hungry and unemployed. Why have they gone to South Africa and the uSA and Britain etc? You are a stupid deluded fool who wants to worship murderers.

          • mawire

            The stupid deluded fool is u my friend.i don’t expect u to know how it feels and the reality or being born african. I understand u r protecting your own. I deserve that right to. Handiti ndo democracy yamozhambira.zanu has won ansingade ngabude. Simple. . PAMBERI neCHIMURENGA!!!

      • logik

        my sentiments exactly makadzidza mhani kurai water mark special pen activate mapepa acho achiripo mamwe prove it

    • logik

      bullshit shamwari this is not 24 hapana jack buer apa

    • Mpofu

      Only idiots believe such rubbish. Mr Tsvangirayi has his weaknesses which you in the MDC T must deal with rather than resort to trash propaganda. Indigenization resonates with the electorate rather than promises of creating 2 million jobs through foreign (western) investments. Western economies are in turmoil at the moment.

  • FlavourB


  • mudhara

    in ump a total of 46146 where cast against about 40 polling both given that it was for 12 hour period the total voting time in hours was 480hours in minutes it turns out to be 28800 in seconds it turn out to be 1728000 seconds if we calculate the time taken by each voter to cast his her vote simple by dividing 1728000 by 46146 it gives us about 37,4 seconds . it means in rural area of ump where there are high chance of assisted voter and not including those turned away the voting process was so efficient that people where voting at a rate of 1voter in 37secounds

  • jose

    rita na kazembe, the two ugly evil women. dai mwari vavatora together with mugabe. how can people do such an evil. actually they are worse than homosexuals.

  • Takeiteasy Marcaves

    Zimbabwe is not just about Harare and Bulawayo

  • tenson mapiye

    I have said it before , that Kazembe woman is a witch . Makarau was just following that Kazembe like a dog on a leash. It’s ok to steal but time will tell us and teach us what we have to do . Lets wait and see .

    • logik

      sha the only person you can call a witch is your mother saka show some morals

    • Aaron Dzingira

      So you wanted Kazembe or Makarau to read what you wish could have happened, leaving what was on paper?

  • logik


  • Aaron Dzingira

    I have lived in Zimbabwe since 1980. I really take a lot of offence when neo colonial media like you appoint themselves to speak for people who are capable of speking for themselves. It gets worse when peddle outright lies such as “operation mavhotera papi”, which never occured. The violence that took place in 2008 was inter party, pepetrated by both Mugabe’s and Tsvangirai’s parties. Victims were not just, like you would wish us to believe, “opposition supporters, but also ZANU-PF supporters.
    As Zimbabweans, we do not find Mugabe a dictator because the man has always and promptly offered himself for re election, and he wins those elections because he understands people and puts in place practical people oriented policies and programmes. Yes he makes his mistakes here and there, but the man is no where near a dictator. The man you are trying to impose on us, Tsvangirai is the one full of dictatorial tendancies, such as insisting that unless we vote for him, the election is not legitimate, free and fair. He makes so much noise like gathering foreign leaders to help him postpone elections to a time when he is ready. In democracy, elections are not called for a particular party or individual to contest, or when any candidate is ready, but when time is constitutionally due. Whoever is not ready when time is constitutionally due must either stay out or contest without tempering with the dates. Otherwise the other option is to wait for the next election. Neither you nor Tsvangirai need a Rocket Scientist to understand such simple truths.
    When the AU and SADC map out their election guidelines, they are better positioned to interpret those guidelines than Tsvangirai.Joy where are you? When the observer teams from those groupings pass an election, who is Tsvangirai to speak otherwise for them? Those are the simple tell tale signs of dictatorship in a leader.
    It is actually because of people and media like you that Tsvangirai is hoodwinked into believing that he has so much support , when he does not. This country is called Zimbabwe. Anyone who teams up with former colonizers is a suspect with the people, and will not succeed. Just a piece of friendly advice.

    • Kevin1205

      Mugabe did not follow the AU and SADC guide lines fool. Mugabe lost the only semi credible vote in 2008 and would not give up the presidency it makes hin an illegal dictator.


    The British and the Australian Ambassadors were present when Tsvangirai held a press conference stating that the elections were null and void. DOES THAT TELL A STORY? I am sure the AU, SADC and UN were also paid by Mugabe to assist in rigging the elections. Looks like the so called dictator who is so loved by his countrymen yields so much power to affect all these organisations. The Zimbabwean people are said to have spoken in a free, violence free and fair election but some people see otherwise. Will this election only be free if Tswangirai’s wishes are met? How come no one said otherwise about the constitutional referendum. Why not just leave Zimbabwe to the Zimbabweans themselves, I believe they know what they are doing. They liberated themselves from the colonisers and am sure they can surely liberate themselves again when things get out of hand. DON’T YOU THINK?

    • Mpofu

      Bhora mughedhi! Tambai bhora vakomana.

  • chinyanganya

    Its such a pity that there are people out there who will ONLY believe results if they retort Tsvangirai winning. That will not happen in a life time guys as the MDC party does not have what it takes to win an election. So, stop stressing yourselves and accept that zimbabweans know what’s good for them. Tsvangirai, the MDC and their handlers must shut until they sort out the mess in Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Israel

  • mawire

    Viva zanu viva

  • mawire

    I am proud to be zimbabwean. Baba Chatunga usimboti weupfumi rwevanhu. I like bob because unlike other presidents he has concerns for people. Tsvangirai and his pple really busy buying cars and houses. Mugabe has one car that we always see him in even in the old days. Other presidents have 4 or 5 cars they r driven in. Mugabe is a principle man with respect for the poor, elderly villagers and the disadvantaged. Long live His Excellency.

    • chinos

      I we mawire it means hapana zvaunoziva. go to the internet and google mugabes mansion uone kuti ane mota ngani? were those cars planted? usataure zvausingazivi. maybe mabhuku akaita mashoma!

  • Dikdik

    List not complete Mash Central, Midlands, Manicaland, Masvingo and Harare?

  • adonis

    i know my mdhara is going to kills again , thats dope boooooooob 5 more years to you mudara wedu

  • jlo

    where are mat north results?