The late Tongai ‘Dhewa’ Moyo in pictures


By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi

Sungura superstar Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo (43) died at St Anne’s Hospital in Harare at around 6pm Saturday after a long battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His widow, Miniehle Mukweli, confirmed the death Saturday night. The Utakataka Express frontman began his career in 1988.

Tongai Moyo wife Miniehle Mukweli being consoled
Tongai Moyo wife Miniehle Mukweli being consoled

He played in numerous bands and honed his art in Kwekwe, his hometown. He eventually joined Shirichena Jazz Band as a session musician, helping to release two albums and a single. Moyo assembled the Utakataka Express before releasing his first solo album, Vimbo, in 1996. He is well known for hits such as Samanyemba and Muchina Muhombe. He had 14 albums to his credit.

His health deteriorated after he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma a few years ago. He recently suffered renal failure, making it difficult for doctors to administer drugs that could have improved his condition. He seemed to be getting better, but developed an infection last week which led to breathing problems.

The body of the late Sungura great Tongai Moyo being taken away from hospital
The body of the late Sungura great Tongai Moyo being taken away from hospital

He was placed on oxygen support after his health took a dip on Wednesday.  Speaking from his hospital bed earlier this month, Dhewa had urged his fans not to despair, saying he was responding well to treatment. He said he would rest for the entire month.

“The doctors have started the process (treatment) and I am happy to say that I feel much better now. Once we are through with the process of administering the medication, I will be back on my feet, again thanks to the doctors and the minister (Webster Shamu) for the support. As of now, people should just wish me well.” 

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  • nhamodzenyikaino

    My sympathy goes out to Tongai Moyo`s family. Death in the family is painful, its a tragedy and lives a gap that can never be filled. I just pray that Minehle Mukweli pulls through with this horror as it unfolded in her very own eyes. Ever since Tongai Moyo lost his wife Babra, the mother of his children, I am sure that it affected him so much because it would have been abnormal had it not affected him. For him with such an illness and the curse of his wife`s death, recovery would have been a miracle. As for Minehle, I am not sure how mature, religious or well educated she is but the writting was on the wall from the begginning. She has been left a cursed woman for the rest of her life. If she survives the bad luck (curse) then it means God loves her. But tongues will be wagging pese paanopfura napo. I wish her all the best in life, after all they were all adults involved in this rather bizzare and tragic ending fairytale love for Minehle Mukweli and Tongai Moyo. RIP Dehwa and please God bless and protect his children from the evils dzepasi pano.

    • Bonventure

      there is no curse my brother in this case, Babra chose to go against the bible and no one knows how much she pushed Dewa to go and get another wife… God loves and protect  everyone who is willing and babra was supporse to give it to God than to give up for hell… Dewa was infected with cancer before he got another wife, So Babra or no Babra the time of our hero was now for him to go home.. God is not in business of judging but we are living in a grace period.. If God was cursing everyone who has done something wrong, i think everyone could have been cursed by now including you.. we all know that there is no sin which is greater than the other.. stop talking what you dont know and start to mourn with moyo family plz

      • Jericho2012

        thank u ,i agree with you Bon,there are peoplw who are suffering and dying  everyday because of deadly diseases or accidents they cant avoid but ths woman decided to take her life,i think it was stupid of her.lets mourn our hero God wil take care of his family

      • nhamodzenyikaino

        you are not getting my point. re-read my text at least 2 times and analyse the text. on a psychological point of view a curse is a label which is created by us human beings in many ways. but if you are interpreting a curse on a superstitious point of view then i am not in that direction. my main reason for my text is the aftermath. loss of life affects mainly the directly affected as for us we can mourn with the moyo together but their pain is intense. due to taboos in our african culture we oppress ourselves by not talking issues that could help so many families. this was a crisis a tragedy and sad ending, but no doubt mistakes were made that could have been avoidable regardless of wether one has HIV or CANCER. if you may note in my other text (Barbra did not do any justice by committing suicide). vanhu vangani vanorwara but when they change their lifestyles their lives are prolonged? how many cancer or hiv patients have defied early death due to changing their life styles? if you are hiv positive and continue to sleep around with different women the chance are that important drug you take may resist to a different strain of hiv and you succumb to your illness. kuzvichengetedza kwakanaka. hamudi kuudzwa but i have conducted many lectures here unfortunately probably i wont be heard kumusha nokuti ndinobva ndanzi ndinopenga.

        • Killian Madziwa

          Nhamo you called a spade a spade. Some people are always at war with reality. 

  • Sgonondo

    mukoma mandirwadza. RIP, Will keep the fire burning by playing your songs.

  • Odettem06

    judge not…ndiwe ani iwe unotongera vanhu?clearly utoriwo zvako nenhamo dzako dzenyika ino,kudenga hakuna izvozvo! imi vemakuhwa ndimi munenge mune ma wagging tounges,anotora munhu ndiMwari,and only he knows why,judge not,and u shall not be judged

    • nhamodzenyikaino

      Conscience, facts and common sense do not match ignorance. I feel sorry for loss of life but very careful decisions in life are always encouraged. Sometimes you may say zvakaitwa wani nanhingi ndoitawo but sometimes luck won`t work to you due to the same God you are mentioning and above all even Barbra herself did not do any justice by commiting suicide but had Minehle had the spiritual guidance she could have avoided being trapped in this evil situation by simply removing herself completely from the fiasco. Now the sad part is Tongai is with his wife united in death and what is Minehle going to become? I can clearly see she is crying whole heartedly because any fool can tell that her happiness was shortlived. She is being bombarded with many thoughts in her brain. Dhewa made her acceptable as it were to people, now that he is gone who is going to stand by her?. Mai vaTongai Moyo vanorwadziwa kutaura chokwadi kana vakaramba vachiona Minehle mumeso avo nokuti she lost muroora who bore her kids and Minehle portrayed herself as munzamusha nhasi mwana wavo Tongai ashaya. I hope you are a sensible person yourself but judging by the lack of your ability to interpret carefully written data you may be an accident waiting to happen yourself.

      • Jericho2012

        mwari vachamuitira nyasha

    • nhamodzenyikaino

      …….by the way there is high level of thinking and low level of thinking so choose your category very careful. This Dhewa family thing is not a joke  its a tragedy and some mistakes were made vanosara ndovanorwadziwa kwete zvako zvekuita sodom ne gomora. Tongai was suffering both by illness and loss of wife Barbra and surely Minehle wanted to be happy with this kind of situation kusvika rini???? I dont wish her bad luck but I hope God will enlighten her so that maybe she can repair her reputation because if she doesnt she will be on the lookout for another musician husband to feed her appetite for the good life she had tasted from Dhewa.