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Streetwear brand Amakipkip apologise for using AKA images on T-shirts

Streetwear brand Amakipkip has apologised for using images of slain South African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes on their T-shirts without the knowledge of the grieving Forbes family.

Among those that had expressed their outrage at the fact Amakipkip used the pictures was his girlfriend Nadia Nakai, who was joined by hordes of AKA fans, known popularly as the Megacy, in calling the clothing label to task.

Nadia alluded to the fact that she had thought only AKA’s friend, Da les, had made one similarly styled T-shirt for himself only.

“WTF!!! I thought Les just made one for himself…” tweeted Nakai.

In a statement, Amakipkip expressed its regrets at any harm they might have caused by selling the AKA branded merchandise.

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“We want to address a recent situation that has sparked concern and distress within our community. We extend our deepest apologies for any hurt caused by our recent release of a tribute T-shirt for the late rapper AKA without obtaining consent from the entire family.

“Our intention was never to cause offence, but rather to pay homage to AKA’s legacy and seek justice,” the statement read.

Amakipkip also acknowledged that they had underestimated the importance of seeking approval from the entire Forbes family before going ahead with the move.

“Regrettably, we underestimated the significance of obtaining consent from the entire AKA family, and for this oversight we are truly sorry. We recognise our action did not align with the reverence and respect AKA’s memory deserves.

“Our deepest apologies go out to the AKA family, devoted fans The Megacy and the public for any pain we may have inadvertently caused.”

AKA was gunned down outside a restaurant in Durban in February. His killers are yet to be apprehended.