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One year since his death: Tributes flow in for the late Dr Alex Magaisa

Today, 5 June 2023, marks exactly one year since prominent Zimbabwean academic and law lecturer Alex Magaisa died.

Magaisa who was a constitutional law expert and a lecturer at the University of Kent died at Margate Hospital in the United Kingdom following a cardiac arrest.

He served as the chief advisor of the then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai from 2012-2013. He was a political commentator whose weekly platform known as the Big Saturday Read was widely read in Zimbabwe.

Friends and followers have paid tribute to him for the positive impact he made in Zimbabwe.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said: “Today marks exactly one year since you joined the ancestors of Musaigwa. The pain has not lessened with the passage of time, thankfully your legacy makes us smile when we think of you.

“I got to know that you were terminally ill after my Geneva speech on the state of healthcare in Zimbabwe. You phoned me to congratulate me on what you called a “…bold speech with precise clarity”, then you told me that I had touched on a condition you were struggling with.

“You never sought pity, you continued working for the country, writing and helping us understand issues knowing very well that your days were now literally numbered.

“You are the epitome of selfishness that many of us must learn to have, you espoused patriotism like we have never seen before in the intellectual realms.

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“You did what you did without getting a penny, yet you carried on doing it every week. My dear friend Alex, I miss you so much, but as I told you when we last spoke, I will continue doing my best within my competence.

“Continue to Rest in Peace.”

Pro-democracy activist Makomborero Haruzivishe said the pain of losing Magaisa was still present.

“This is our first anniversary since death cheated us. The pain is fresh. You might be gone but everyday we feel you’re still living amongst us through your living ideas.

“You’re the Greatest Of All Times to do it Musaigwa. Continue Resting In Power, our GOAT, Dr Alex Magaisa.”

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MP Daniel Molokele said: “Today marks a full year since the legendary and iconic Great Zimbabwean compatriot Alex Magaisa passed away. Time may run …, Tears may dry …, Memories may fade …, But his enduring patriotic legacy will last forever and ever.

“May you continue to rest in my power, Musaigwa.”

Political commentator and youth activist Youngerson Matete also honoured Magaisa saying:

“On this day in 2022, as we were on our way from Chiredzi on a voter mobilisation campaign with Allan Chipoyi, we received the message of the demise of Dr Magaisa. He was one of the people who helped us with @ProjectVote263. He offered his advice. He was always kind and honest MHDSRIP.”