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‘No one knows how Mnangagwa thinks, he changes like the weather’ – Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has accused his rival President Emmerson Mnangagwa of being an “illegitimate” leader who is failing to manage the dire economic situation facing the country.

Zimbabwe is facing one of the worst economic crises in decades coupled by runaway inflation and local currency volatility.

Prices of basic commodities are rising uncontrollably in both US dollars and ZWL. Analysts have since predicted this week that Zimbabwe has the highest inflation rate standing at over 700%.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Chamisa said Mnangagwa and the country’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube had no capacity to save the economy.

Chamisa who is planning to dislodge Mnangagwa in the upcoming elections to be held in August further said “no one knows how (Mnangagwa) thinks, he changes like the weather.”

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“Everyone is hungry, everyone is complaining, everyone feels that the situation in the country is not okay.

“This is the problem of having the wrong leader or being led by one who takes power illegitimately as Mnangagwa did. You will realise none of the things that person will do would have been well thought out.

“No one knows how he thinks, he changes like the weather. Nothing works and we want to fix all that by voting for the right candidate.

“Look at how Mnangagwa and Ncube are behaving. Their tool box is empty, they cannot resolve the economic questions of the day, they cannot understand that confidence, predictability and consistency of policy are everything.

“The price hikes are an indicator of hikes in all other ill-spheres. We are part of those that lead in corruption, unemployment, inflation, road accidents, reserves, politically motivated violence, poor road networks, arrest of political players and journalists.”