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‘Clueless charlatan Mthuli Ncube run and controlled by cartels’ – Biti

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice president Tendai Biti has accused “incompetent clueless charlatan” Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube of being “run and controlled by cartels” while crushing the economy.

Ncube is being critisised by many for failing to turn around the Zimbabwean economy since he was appointment in 2018, five years ago.

The country is currently in a dire economic crisis coupled by a skyrocketing inflation and financial crisis. The Zimbabwean dollar is falling every day against the US dollar.

Prices of goods are spiraling causing panic among the general public who do not want the situation to deteriorate and become similar to the unforgettable hyperinflation of 2008.

When he was appointed Minister of Finance, Ncube is on record stating that he only needed six weeks to fix the economy.

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“Judge me after six months. If you give me six months, you will see changes, significant changes,” he said at the time.

“I have only been a minister for one month. We need patience, we know what we are doing. What I can say to Zimbabweans is that they should give me six months to see the full impact of the changes from the policies that we have pursued,” Ncube added at the time

Five years later, the people of Zimbabwe are seemingly suffering more under his leadership.

Biti who served as Finance Minister during the government of national unity believes that Ncube has failed. He said the treasury which was supposed to be “the natural gate keeper has become the gate crasher”.

“Only two weeks ago the rate was US$1 to ZWL 1000.US$1000 was a flat ZWL1 million. Now the rate is at US$1 to ZWL4000. This means in a mere ten days working people and pensioners have lost 400% of their wages and pensions.

“Truth is the kakistocracy has failed and failed in absolute terms,” the outspoken Harare East legislator said.

“Mr Mthuli Ncube came with the promise of stability and reform. But more than anyone else he has cut himself as incompetent clueless charlatan, run and controlled by cartels. Treasury the natural gate keeper has become the gate crasher. Thanks to Mthuli, State looting is now on steroids.”

Biti is not the only one to blame Ncube for the country’s economic problems. On Tuesday, former Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi accused the Treasury boss of sabotaging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s possible re-election by instituting policies that are damaging the economy.

“This is your problem. The incompetence of this man. I put it squarely and honestly to you Mr President kuti mungapedza vanhu vese muchitendeka makanangana neElection, jinda renyu iri rakonewa! (You might blame an endless list of culprits, but your henchman has failed dismally),” Mzembi said.

Steve Hanke, a Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore pinned Zimbabwe’s inflation at 666% making it the worst in the world.