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Acie Lumumba apologises to lawyer he accused of having affair with his wife

Controversial businessman Gerald Mutumanje popularly known as Acie Lumumba has apologised to Zweli Lunga, the lawyer he accused of having an affair with his wife.

Lumumba went nuclear on social media claiming corporate lawyer Lunga was dating his wife and had defrauded her of over US$200 000 from the sale of a property under the guise of investment.

He posted on Facebook and Twitter saying: “my wife confessed she was having an affair with Zweli Lunga and … friends and business associates I had known for over 10 years … Zweli got her to sell all my assets which I have no issues with, I will rebuild it all. The real issue is her two lovers are so hell-bent on proving a point they are using all influence to restrict me from access to my son ….”

But through his lawyers, Lunga wrote to Lumumba demanding that he retracts the defamatory statements he made on social media failure of which would attract a civil and criminal lawsuit.

Acie Lumumba also claimed that his wife, Lillian Madyara, cheated on him with his friends Zweli Lunga and Scott Sakupwanya.
Acie Lumumba also claimed that his wife, Lillian Madyara, cheated on him with his friends Zweli Lunga and Scott Sakupwanya.
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Accordingly, Lumumba responded over the weekend saying he was willing to retract any statements that may have caused Lunga harm.

Read the statement: “I come to you today with a heavy heart, seeking to clear the air and set the record straight on recent events that have unfolded in my personal life. In particular, I want to address the recent accusations of defamation made against me by apparently “prominent” Harare corporate lawyer and businessman, Zweli Lunga.

“First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere apologies to Mr. Lunga for any statements or actions that may have caused him or his family any distress or harm.

“I have known him for over a decade as a man who uncommonly loves women, money & motorbikes but that is merely an opinion which may be wrong.

“While I stand by my statements that my ex-wife Lilian Madyara told me she was involved in an affair with Mr. Lunga, I appreciate she is untruthful with words and will say anything to manipulate a position of advantage, I acknowledge that any further public discussion of their relationship is not helpful nor relevant to the matter at hand.”

Acie Lumumba and his wife Lillian Madyara in happier times.

Lumumba said what mattered to him was the welfare of his son whom he claimed was taken from him by his “former” wife.

“The only issue that matters to me is the welfare and custody of my son, Treasure Kupakwashe. I want to emphasize that my love for my son is unwavering and has never been in question. Since the day he was born, I have been there for him every step of the way.

“I have bathed and fed him, taken him to school, and provided him with everything he needs to have a normal and fulfilling childhood. I have even gone to great lengths to ensure that he receives the best possible medical treatment for his chronic condition and he has never lacked that.

“However, despite my best efforts, I have not seen or heard from my son in over 100 days. My ex-wife has changed her phone number, and I do not even know where my son is currently living since Zweli & her did business with the house I bought him.

“This is not only heartbreaking but also unacceptable. As a father, I have the right to be a part of my son’s life, and I implore anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts to come forward and assist me in re-establishing contact with him.”

He added: “I understand that Mr. Lunga has taken legal action against me for alleged defamation, and while I believe that my statements were truthful, I am willing to retract any statements that may have caused him harm.

“I want to stress that this matter is not about Mr. Lunga, nor is it about any other “lovers/lawyers/clients/sponsors” of my ex-wife. It is about the rights of a father to be a part of his son’s life.

“In conclusion, I appeal to Mr. Lunga to put aside any personal grievances and join me in finding a peaceful resolution to this matter. I ask him to share any information he may have about my son’s whereabouts and to communicate to my ex-wife the importance of a father’s role in a child’s life.

“Let us put the needs of my son first and work together to ensure that he has the love and support of both his parents,” Lumumba added.