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‘Tobva Tadii Paya’ gang who raped sex workers released from jail

Three youthful artisanal miners, who went viral in July 2017 after a video of them narrating how they “gang-raped” sex workers, are back on the streets after being released from prison.

The trio became known as the “Tobva tadii paya” gang because one of them, then 18-year-old Romeo Chirara, kept repeating the phrase while narrating their escapades.

At the time it was clear from the video that they had been subjected to a beating by soldiers who then filmed them.

On Friday a new video of Romeo and Thabani Gaza (arrested at 20) has emerged showing them being mobbed by members of the public.

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One reader known as benjamin_jnr_chirandu_gwelo commented on how well the trio looked saying: ‘Ndobva tatoglower paya kunge tatiri kuDiaspora😂.”

Romeo Chirara and Admire Chirongoma
Romeo Chirara and Admire Chirongoma

In 2018, Romeo Gaza (18) , Thabani Gaza (20), Admire Chirongoma (18) were tried and convicted by a magistrate in Chinhoyi and sentenced to 10 years in jail each.

A 16-year-old, who was also part of the gang was sentenced to three years at Kadoma Probation Centre.