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Chamisa turns 45, says ‘new things always begin on our birthdays’

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s biggest rival, opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa, turned 45 years old today (Thursday).

He announced the development on his official Twitter handle asking friends and followers to celebrate with him.

“45 YEARS of Grace, Preparation, Testimonies and Blessings.I say #Godisinit because at 45 God has fortified me. New things always begin on our birthdays. 45 signifies new things, suddenness, celebrations and fresh starts. Friends, help me pray for wisdom to serve honestly and diligently,” he said.

His friends have since paid tribute to him through different messages.

Senior CCC member Luke Tamborinyoka wrote an article published on Nehanda Radio praising his leader.

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Part of the article reads: “It is the citizens’ President who turns 45 today in a watershed year in which he will decisively win an election and poise this country for growth on the back of a massive transformation and modernisation agenda..

“Chamisa is a mortal being and has his own frailties like the rest of us. But that does not detract from his own contribution to the novel and exciting moment that awaits us as a nation.

“Nelson Chamisa is undoubtedly the man of the moment and is currently Zimbabwe’s best foot forward as we stand on the cusp of a watershed plebiscite in less than 210 days.”

Former Daily News editor Stanley Gama said Chamisa had a leadership calling.

“Happy Birthday my brother Nelson Chamisa. Wish you many more years of good health and success as you prepare for the 2023 elections. Leadership is your calling like I told you at Hre Poly two decades ago.When I predicted that you would lead Zim one day you laughed it off.

“But 2023 presents you with the best chance of winning the elections. You have grown to become an inspiration to millions. And when the late Morgan Tsvangirai anointed you leader, it did not come as a surprise to me coz from the onset he believed in you and you have excelled.

“Baba Ashley, on your special day, remember that millions of suffering Zimbabweans look up to you so don’t disappoint them. In you they see hope, jobs, economic prosperity and a return to normal life. And Gogo Gama’s message: ‘Happy birthday to my other son, Nelson,” Gama said.

Chamisa will contest as a presidential candidate for the CCC in the upcoming 2023 elections. He is going to face Mnangagwa in the ballot for the second time.

In the 2018 plebiscite, Mnangagwa controversially won with 2.46m votes, or 50.8% of the 4.8m votes cast. Chamisa, then candidate of the MDC, won 2.14m votes or 44.3%. Mnangagwa needed to win by more than 50% to avoid a runoff vote.

CCC was formed in January last year after the opposition leader and his colleagues dumped the MDC Alliance which was in the middle of sinking due to leadership controversies.

The newly formed political party, two months later, went on to win 19 seats out of 28 constituencies in the by-elections. The ruling party won 9 seats.