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‘Livid’ Donald Trump ‘screaming at everyone’ after Republican let down in midterms

Donald Trump has been widely expected to announce his third run at the Presidency on November 15, but an underwhelming performance from candidates backed by him could see his bid buried.

By Dylan Donnelly | Daily Express |

Donald Trump was reportedly left “livid” after the Republican’s underwhelming performance in the midterm elections. The former President had backed more than 100 candidates from the GOP, and had hit the campaign trail in the weeks leading up to Tuesday.

Jim Acosta claimed on Twitter that an adviser to the 45th President said was outraged after the GOP’s performance.

He said: “‘Trump is livid’ and ‘screaming at everyone,’ after last night’s disappointing midterm results for GOP, according to a Trump adviser.

“The adviser went on to slam the former president’s handpicked contenders: ‘they were all bad candidates’.

“‘Candidates matter,’ the adviser said.”

The CNN domestic correspondent then quoted the adviser as saying it is unlikely Mr Trump would delay his expected presidential announcement because “it’s too humiliating to delay.”

He added on Twitter: “But the adviser said there are too many unknowns at this point.”

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In a video interview with Express.co.uk, Jason Miller, the founder of the social media platform GETTR and a close ally of Mr Trump, said the former President will launch his campaign in the next 24 hours.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Miller said: “I think an announcement is imminent.

“I will tell you from the things I am hearing, from the things I am being told in Mar-a-Lago, I think an announcement is imminent.”

While an announcement did not materialise, Mr Miller then said: “If it is not happening this evening then tomorrow on election day, or election evening when I will be with him in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, then I think you will see an announcement.

“It is imminent. We are right at the brink of an announcement which could come tonight.”

An announcement also did not materialise on Tuesday night, but the former President said at the Ohio rally he will make a “big announcement” on November 15 at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

He said: “We want nothing to detract from the importance of tomorrow.”

Ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ landslide win, former Trump White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said early on Wednesday Mr Trump is having a bad election night.

Mr Mulvaney told CBS News: “Between being Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis tonight, you want to be Ron DeSantis.

“DeSantis wins tonight and Trump is not doing very well.”

Mr Mulvaney, who served as Mr Trump’s chief of staff from January 2019 to March 2020, has been critical of his former boss, whom he once called a “terrible human being”.