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Crisis as UBH suspends surgeries due to lack of sleeping drugs

The United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), one of Zimbabwe’s five biggest referral hospitals has suspended surgical operations with immediate effect due to a lack of drugs used to induce temporary sleep on patients.

The hospital announced the development in a letter signed by clinical services director, T Mushawarima.

Anaesthetics are used to induce anesthesia which results in a temporary loss of sensation or awareness in order for the surgery to be carried out.

UBH no longer has the drugs and it has advised patients to buy their own drugs if they want surgery services.

“Due to lack of anaesthetic induction agents, elective lists have been suspended with immediate effect till further notice.

“Patients may buy their own drugs if any elective list is to proceed,” read the letter.

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said one of the drugs the government is failing to provide costs US$1.50.

“One of Zimbabwe’s five biggest referral hospitals, United Bulawayo Hospitals has suspended operations because there is no medication to put patients to sleep.

“One of the drugs called Ketamine costs only US$1.50 a vial, yet the Government has failed to provide it,” he said.