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Kuda Mahachi allegedly smashes sister’s iPhone to destroy evidence

Under fire Warriors attacking midfielder Kuda Mahachi who is being accused of child abuse has reportedly smashed his sister Meline Mahachi’s iPhone XR mobile phone to destroy evidence linked with the pending case awaiting a court ruling.

According to the Chronicle, yesterday afternoon the star accompanied by his wife Rose Mahachi, his friend Zibusiso Hadebe and an unidentified woman reportedly visited his sister at her home located in Mzilikazi suburb.

Upon their arrival Mahachi requested her sister to come outside for them to talk in private.

“According to Paul Sixpence, Meline’s husband, Mahachi demanded to search his sister’s phone for WhatsApp conversations that could potentially confirm allegations that he deliberately poured boiling water on his son,” the Bulawayo based daily newspaper wrote.

Then narrating the whole story to the Chronicle, Paul Sixpence who is the husband to Mahachi’s sister said: “As they were chatting, he asked to use my wife’s phone as he said his phone had a problem.

“After she handed over her phone, he told her that her phone contained evidence of his case so he wanted to destroy it. My wife took her phone back.

“He then grabbed her violently and snatched the phone. After that he got out of the car, smashed the phone on the ground before he got back into his car and his friend sped off.”

And following the incident, Sixpence reportedly accompanied her wife to Mzilikazi Police Station were the two reported the matter.

The Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube is said to have confirmed the incident.

“We are investigating a case of malicious damage to property whereby Kudakwashe Mahachi is alleged to have smashed his sister’s phone after visiting her. He is said to have asked to use her phone to track his own phone that he said he had misplaced.

“He then smashed it on the ground before he picked it up and went away with it. The phone is valued at US$400,” he told the publication.

This comes few days after SuperSport United dumped the speedy winger and told him they won’t renew his contract set to expire at the end of this month.

This is in line with the child abuse case where Mahachi is allegedly accused of scalding his four year old son Diego Mahachi who sustained third degree burns resulting in the amputation of his right leg.