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Zig Zag: Sungura musician Gift Amuli now a full time traditional healer

Sungura musician, Gift Amuli, who is now a full time traditional healer, has invited people with broken marriages and those who divorced and are on the verge of divorce to visit his shrine.

The shrewd lyricist and Zvishavane Sounds frontman who rose to fame following the release of chartbuster, Wamatuka, says he is now working on balancing both musical and spiritual healing quests.

He says he faced a lot of troubles in his life until he was told to join the traditional healing journey.

“It took a long journey for me to become a traditional healer. I had a lot of disturbing issues in my life until I was told that there is no way except being initiated into traditional healing. I am not ashamed of it that is why I publicise it, and I am happy too,” said the gifted guitarist.

Although his family members have accepted his decision, music fanatics are left wondering if he is going to pull the Wamatuka magic again if he decides to bounce back into full time music.

Unlike other prominent artists who often get into trance while performing or who are known spiritual mediums from their respective rural homes, Amuli has decided to go public about his new full time calling.

Amuli, who is operating the shrine at his home in Zvishavane home added: “When it comes to my music career I’m still deciding on how to balance both because I love doing music and also I am now a full-time sangoma. People should come in their numbers because this month I’m dealing with divorce cases.”

Amuli started off with the Zig Zag band in the 1980s and in 2002 he did his first solo project, a five-track album titled Wedangwe which did not do well on the market.

In 2003, he produced Munozvigona Sei, which catapulted him into the limelight. He once featured on a hip-hop track Svikiro together with Leefire and Tatman.