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‘Zanu PF left with excitable, reckless and wayward individuals’- Mliswa

Independent legislator Temba Mliswa has castigated a Zanu PF department that threatened to impose local sanctions against its opponents and all persons it accuses of inviting Western sanctions.

On Wednesday, Zanu PF youth league Affairs deputy secretary Tendai Chirau said plans were afoot to activate a local sanctions policy against government and ruling party critics.

Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for youth affairs, Tendai Chirau
Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for youth affairs, Tendai Chirau

But Mliswa castigated him for making reckless and wayward statements that tarnish the image of the ruling party.

“When you remove the real cadres of the party you are left with excitable individuals who are reckless and wayward. You get infiltrated by opportunists not rooted to the ideals of the party. You wonder at times what people are thinking when they say some of these things,” Mliswa said.

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“Even seems like they are planted to derail the party. Kuzvidira jecha mega chaiko. That’s why I say this @ZANUPF_Official I don’t know it. You get people clapping hands for these kinds of statements?”

Speaking at the first session of the 2022 Zanu PF youth league national executive meeting, Chirau said plans were in place to sanction government critics.

“I think we should actually have local sanctions against such people who fight against the government. We must actually activate local sanctions against such people because of people who are against the aspirations of this country,” he said.

“The right to democracy should never be abused by people who want to work with those who are against the development of this country. How do you benefit from the government that you try everyday?

“Yes, the government has a responsibility to take care of you, but everyday, you are calling this government illegal and illegitimate.” Nehanda Radio