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I can’t breathe: Recalled Khupe blasts Speaker of Parliament for “sexism”

Embattled and ‘suspended’ MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe has accused Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda of practicing “gender discrimination”, by listening and executing her rival Douglas Mwonzora’s application for her recall from Parliament.

Khupe and Mwonzora exposed their fall-out after the latter suspended the former from her duties as MDC-T vice president.

But the former Deputy Prime Minister rejected the suspension order citing Mwonzora had fired himself from the party after he indicated that he would contest future elections under the name MDC Alliance.

Mwonzora, earlier this month grabbed main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance party name after recalling dozens of his MPs and councillors.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Wednesday, Khupe said she had been recalled from Parliament by Mwonzora. She accused the Speaker of Parliament Mudenda of “gender discrimination” by “taking sides with Mwonzora”.

Khupe said she has written to the UN, protesting the conduct of Mudenda.

“I don’t know how a president of the MDC Alliance can recall a member of another political party,” Khupe said.

“As a woman I feel strongly discriminated because the speaker of parliament is taking sides with Mwonzora.

“Women have to rise and this far, it’s enough and no more. I am being suffocated and I can’t breathe. I am going to fight against discrimination, against women with the last drop of my blood.”

After Mwonzora grabbed the MDC Alliance name, Chamisa rebranded his party last week and named it Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Last week, the government allocated ZWL 350 million (US$ 3,4 million) to the ruling Zanu PF party and ZWL 149 million (US$ 1,3 million to the MDC-T under the Political Parties (Finance) Act (Chapter 2:11).

Khupe has already approached the High Court claiming that she is the MDC-T president and on that basis must get the money.

Mwonzora is yet to file his opposing affidavit. Nehanda Radio