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July Moyo suspends Harare Mayor again – ‘to make city dysfunctional’

Local Government minister July Moyo has once again interfered with the operations of the Harare City Council and suspended its Mayor Jacob Mafume.

In a letter dated December 17, Moyo argued that Mafume had pending issues before the courts. The MDC Alliance official is on bail following his recent arrest over dubious charges of abuse of office.

The letter claimed that circumstances around his arrested had “reasonable grounds to suspect that you’re guilty of gross misconduct, gross incompetence, wilful violation of the law.”

Moyo then said: “You’re hereby directed to respect the courts of law and adhere to the bail conditions given by not obstructing the course of justice.

“During the period of the said suspension, you shall not conduct any business for or on behalf of the council within or outside council premises and shall not be eligible to receive any form of remuneration.”

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In an interview with Nehanda Radio, MDC Alliance vice national chairman Sesel Zvidzai accused the minister of working with “fabrications” to come up with the suspension decision.

He added that the intention of Moyo’s decision was to cripple the capital city which is mostly run by the opposition and make sure it loses votes ahead of 2023 elections.

“It just shows the vindictiveness on the part of Zanu PF. This is the third time they are suspending the Mayor of Harare, failing to proceed with the disciplinary process which means they are just working on fabrications,” Zvidzai said.

“Their intention is to make sure that the City of Harare is dysfunctional, the elected officials are unable to deliver their promises to the people. It’s all about opportunism. They are thinking of 2023 rather than thinking about the now of the people of Zimbabwe and of Harare particularly.

“It’s very very sad. We call upon the people to understand that when service delivery is affected it is because of these disturbances that the minister is subjecting on the City of Harare.” Nehanda Radio