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Ailing Mubaiwa collapses at court again as Chiwenga seeks to avoid open trial

The ailing estranged wife of Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, Marry Mubaiwa, tripped and fell on the steps at the Harare Magistrates Court on Wednesday before her ongoing trial over charges of attempted murder, fraud and money laundering.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon after the former model attended the ongoing trial where she is being accused of trying to force her marriage with the VP.

Mubaiwa is suffering from severe lymphoedema and spontaneous formation of abscesses whose origins have not been determined.

She was arrested in 2019 and can’t travel abroad to get the necessary treatment because her passport was grabbed by the court as part of her bail conditions on the pretext she is a flight risk.

Her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has already told the court that her client may end up having one of her hands amputated if she does not get the treatment that she desperately needs.

This is not the first time Mubaiwa has slumped at court. Two months ago, she collapsed outside the court.

Chiwenga was supposed to take the witness stand but the State has applied for the public to be barred from attending the trial “to protect the private lives of persons concerned in the proceedings”.

Mubaiwa is accused of fraudulently getting married to Chiwenga while he was sick in South Africa sometime in 2019.

The case has many witnesses among them, Supreme Court judge Justice George Chiweshe who has since distanced himself from the marriage fraud saga, saying he had no reason to think that Mubaiwa was lying when she approached him and that he was not responsible for solemnising their marriage.

He was testifying before Harare magistrate Lazini Ncube last week.

Colonel Gesham Muradzi, who was Chiwenga’s aide at the time also testified before magistrate Ncube on Tuesday and said Mubaiwa called him while she was in India with her husband and asked him to pay US$15 000 to a jeweler located at Newlands Shopping Centre in Harare for the rings.

The witness further revealed that Mubaiwa took US$15 000 from US$23 000 that had been left by the former Army General at his office when he traveled to India for treatment.

Mubaiwa allegedly lied that Chiwenga had consented to the marriage. She, however, flatly denies all the charges.

She is facing charges including attempted murder of the VP, money laundering, fraud and assault. Nehanda Radio