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Socialite ‘Njuzu’ opens up on being sexually abused as a young girl

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Lately a number of local celebrities have opened up about their troubled upbringing.

Monalisa Zulu, also known as Njuzu
Monalisa Zulu, also known as Njuzu

Dancehall chanter Poptain revealed last month that he was sexually abused by an older women at a tender age. This came after his girlfriend musician Anita Jaxson also opened up about being abused by her father.

Socialite Monalisa ‘Njuzu’ Zulu is the latest celebrity to open up about being sexually abused as a young girl.

The socialite who rose to fame through controversy took to Instagram to share her emotional story with thousands of followers.

She revealed that life was difficult for her as an orphan and no one was in her corner.

In a video, Njuzu cried uncontrollably saying she regretted everything she has done but it was all due to prevailing circumstances.

“I don’t wanna lie to you guys I regret everything I’ve done, sometimes you need your sisters, your cousins to be there for you but no one is there to support you. I’m trying so hard.

“I moved out of home at 22 my Aunt was sad because my Dad had ordered her to take care of me in his will but I told her that I had to move because she didn’t believe that her husband was abusing me.

“No one in the family believed what I went through as I was the only one with parents,” she said.

She also summarized her story in a post which she wrote: “Being an orphan is not easy. No one in my family believed what I went through, they all supported the abuser instead of me (sad emoji).

She added that every night she cries herself to sleep.

“If you not in this kind of situation you’ll never understand how this affects my daily living. I cry myself to bed, I breakdown, I even lose weight because of this sh*t its painful,” she added.

Njuzu rose to fame after getting involved in a love triangle with socialite Trevor ‘Hell Commander’ Mbizvo and Ginimbi’s former manager Ms Shally.

In that same period she had her bedroom videos leaked on social media and was later accused of stealing a watch worth over R 1 million from her ex boyfriend South African based Congolese blesser Serge Caponge. Nehanda Radio