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Kariba woman trampled to death by roaming herd of elephants

By Walter Nyamukondiwa

A Kariba woman has been trampled to death by a herd of elephants near Lake Harvest Harbour.

Elephants roaming in Kariba
Elephants roaming in Kariba

Elephants always roam in Kariba townships in search of food and on their way to the lake for water have created room for the increase in human and wildlife conflict.

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The woman is said to have left home this morning going to buy Kapenta from fishers returning from a night of fishing.

According to sources, the woman was part of a group of women who intended to buy Kapenta illegally as they did not have permits but were hiding in the bushes when a breeding herd of elephants came running towards them.

They rose in a bid to run away but in the melee, the woman fell and she was attacked.

“The herd, comprising of adults and young ones came running in the direction and as they made off to run, they tripped each other and the woman fell resulting in the tragedy,” said a man who saw what happened from a distant but declined to be identified. The Herald